“About these ads”

I’m funny that way.  When someone promises me something and I innocently enter into their deal, and they then change it later, I get angry.  Really angry.  Angry birds have nothing on this.

Like WordPress.  “Get a free blog”.  Yes, sure.  And you can “monetize” it by adding ads – which I opted not to do.

So they pop their own ads on my blog, without my prior permission, because I didn’t pay them some “no ad upgrade” fee!

WordPress, that wasn’t the deal!  If I’d thought you were some low-class little site that spams ads all over people’s content, I wouldn’t have signed on.  We’ve been into web design for nearly 2 decades now and we know that there are lots of hosts out there that “host you for free” – except that they spam your site so badly with their own ads that there’s barely space for your content.  They are usually cheapskate, .com little bubbles.  Some of them didn’t even stick around; some have lost our login details and so we can’t even remove a site we don’t want up any longer.

But I didn’t think WordPress was one of those!

Will my fellow bloggers please let me know if they see random ads on my blogsite?


8 thoughts on ““About these ads”

    • Could be one only sees them if one isn’t logged in. I detected them, logged out, on Firefox which is the browser I use less often.

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