One of the things we’re currently rehearsing for




… and the other thing that we’re rehearsing with the Octet:

(Mussorgsky “The Old Castle”  from “Pictures at an exhibition”)



17 thoughts on “One of the things we’re currently rehearsing for

    • Hmm. If you mean the dancers themselves, yes. The music has no similarity that I can spot. (Ok I forgot actually: “The Old Castle” is only the first part on that video.)

    • No, simply the dancers. Many years ago when my friend Joey was dating someone from the Royal Ballet, I had an idea for a ballet based on ‘Pictures from an Exhibition’ (actually, based on Isao Tomita’s electronic interpretation) – but their relationship broke up before I could propose it, using her as an ‘in’.

      The way I thought it out, it would have been impossible to depict many of the titles literally, and the Old Castle was one such. But I remembered seeing Georgian dancers when I was very little, in the 1960s – the Georgian State ensemble had visited the UK – and I later I thought how that gliding choreography would just work with the music. Grey dresses and veils, moving in and out of shadow.

      The other idea I had was for ‘The Gnome’. I was going to set it in a dimly-lit banqueting hall, after the Lords and Ladies had gone. The only person left was their mis-shapen Court Jester, who reveals himself as a bitter and resentful character, mocking their stately actions, his face full of hate. (Joey’s boyfriend was of short stature and was a wonderful character-dancer, and I had him in mind for it.

  1. I remember the Rock Band ELP recorded a version of Pictures at an Exhibition on the album of the same name. Their label was understandably very reluctant to release it – we are talking the 70’s! It still is the only (full?) version of a classical work by a rock band that made it into the mainstream charts, I believe.
    Best of luck with the show.

    • 🙂 Thanks. Was Mussorgsky’s stuff not yet out of copyright in the 70’s?

      I’m not actually very convinced of the whole work, but “The Old Castle” is rather haunting.

    • Are you felling hunky dory after your op?
      You sound chirpy.

      Dunno, The ELP page on wiki is long.I’ll peruse it later.
      S’appening on the book front? You back at the literary coalface yet? 🙂

    • Bookwise I need to bring up the trade. Currently selling some music books. I want to do a short run of Mercury Silver along with Solar Wind 4 later this year, if I can. All projects came to a juddering halt when I got ill. T’is how it goes.

    • Ah, yes. Obvious really now you say it. What a nitwit.
      On the subject of selling books.If I might ask.
      If I put a book on Amazon, how does go about getting paid?
      Last time I looked SA wasn’t listed, but P’kaboo has stuff up How do you get around this?

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