The Weirdness of Scribd

Don’t watch your Scribd stats.  You’ll not be able to make head or tail out of them.  One day views suddenly shoot through the roof, and the next, nothing again.

Where stats are concerned, the most predictable have been the ones on our website.  In a steady gradient they are increasing.  Many thanks to bloggers such as Arkenaten, Arkenaten II and Arkenaten III, Colonialist, Marie of Kvenna-Rad, Bookseeker, and Dr Emma Briant, for driving traffic.

Driving traffic can drive you insane if you get too serious about it.  Sure, some things go viral on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, but surely they deserve it by pure novelty value.  (I’d suggest that the Seniors Society in Margate who put on “The Full Monty” in 2011 belong in that category, and I so wish someone had filmed it!)

WordPress is right behind with the weird.  My Reader is empty, even though I’m sure I follow at least 50 blogs.  What’s going on?  Maybe I didn’t read enough in these past 30 days.  (Have a heart!)

I’ve decided that viola lessons are it.  Who would like to learn the most beautiful instrument on Earth?  Ok, a viola doesn’t have the same solo pazzazz a violin does, but it’s such a useful instrument!  Orchestras, ensembles and amateur orchestras are always looking for violists.  So, who’s for it?

Una viola da gamba (I think)

et una viola moderna


6 thoughts on “The Weirdness of Scribd

  1. Glad I am one of the influencers of them, but dashed if I know what they are!
    Oh, it is so frustrating to have lost sound with the latest Flash Player update! Watching music played is NOT quite the same thing as hearing it …

  2. I’ve never understood the reader, it shows some posts and doesn’t show others…
    Unfortunately I’m not too musically inclined so I’ll turn down your offer on the lessons

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