Back-home blues

So we drove through the night to get back here at 3 am.  Froze our worthy backsides off, it is soooo cold here!

My sweet little sister who was house-sitting for me with her son gave my bathroom a make-over.  It looks so beautiful, I didn’t even know it can look like that.  (We’re in a fairly elderly place.)

Apart from that though one falls into the deep end of all the issues.









The above is the last picture I took with my cellphone camera, before the poor thing packed it in – because shortly before, I’d dunked it in the sea!!




6 thoughts on “Back-home blues

  1. Glad you are safely home, even if frozen!
    Nice surprise about the kitchen.
    Is that as far as they would go, hanging about above Oribi?
    I apologise for my stretch of sea – very bad-mannered of it to slurp at your phone. The last two pics do seem strangely familiar … 🙂

    • 🙂 They do! I liked the juxtaposition of Ray & Plant.

      I had a teacher in Std 6 who actually did a handstand on the overhang there at Oribi. 😮

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Sorry about the phone though,my cousin’s one once survived a toilet dunk but I don’t think that a sea dunk is survivable 😉

    • Amazingly it is fine, just the light of the flash refuses to go out again. Will have to take it to the vodashop, otherwise the little diode burns out. But everything works again, even the camera and flash. Just shows you how dry the air is up here in Gangster Province…

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