Inyoni Rocks – Toti Beach  to give an impression of where we are this week.

As compared to the life savers on Uvongo beach, these were sitting in a bundle, chatting and barely watching the sea.  It was a lovely blue day, the waves were great if a bit rough for my picky taste; so many people on the beach it was like sardines.  A very dear friend of mine visited with us and sat on the beach helping us look after my son who was once again in the water, hour upon hour.  Eventually I called him out; not because the waves were amazingly choppy and rough (they were), but because there were so many heads in the water, it became difficult to keep an eye on him, especially whenever he dived to get out of the way of a larger wave.

The two beaches are as different as chocolate and chilli.  The one, in Shelley, is a pristine wild paradise, no lifeguards at all, coarse sand that consists to about 60% of shells or shell fragments, it is clean, cold, wild and lonely (the people cluster at St Michaels at the swimming beach, and at Uvongo and Margate, and of course in the Shelley Beach Mall).  Inyoni Rocks is your classic “beach baby” beach, with ice cream shops, Wimpy-on-Sea, life guards, umbrellas, people like sardines, and the whole teen holiday vibe.

Me, I clearly prefer the first; but I can see the merit of the second, too, it’s a place for meeting with friends, chatting, having fun.





11 thoughts on “Inyoni Rocks – Toti Beach

    • 😦 I tried to get my head organized to pull this thing together, but failed. Am already back in Pretoria, the stress got the better of me and I made off a day early. This is going to be one very scary semester for me work- and otherwise. I’m very sorry, got all your hopes up, wanted to get together for a cuppa at a beach cafe and then it was too late.

      Can we take a rain cheque? I really want to meet you in person.

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