…for the long silence.

Not only did I have (and still have) internet difficulties (we think by now it’s a server-side problem at our ISP), but also had internal difficulties, for about a month, ending with a relaxing sojourn in a nice white room… comfortable beds… entertaining torture procedures… Β guess I shouldn’t moan, I’d be operating through a medium now if they hadn’t operated on me.

At any rate I’m back – as back as my ISP will allow (I’m tackling the problem, and if they don’t fix it really soon, I’m changing my ISP, acc some friends, long overdue).



15 thoughts on “Apologies…

  1. Sympathy! I hope all bothersome bits have now been removed or mended.
    Another bothersome bit which appears to be greatly in need of surgical intervention is the ISP.

    • Thanks, 68ghia! πŸ™‚ It’s already lots better, the “staples” come out on Tuesday (I’m wondering if I’m a robot, next time they’ll use bolts or rivets?). Still feel like a patient in the mornings when I have to get up and it’s still dark πŸ˜› …

      Perhaps, after this “reboot” other things in my life will also start straightening out. My energy levels are much better, I was sick for a month before finally ending in hospital, and during that month when I wasn’t in bed I was working, and constantly on painkillers, it was no fun. Much better now!

      The ISP – well I’m waiting for a reply. It’s not the first time that server has done this to me. If they don’t sort it out this time, plus refund me the megabytes that got lost due to their bug, I’ll move on. And I think I’ll blog about it then, too, in a bit of detail, so that others who experience the same, can see what is happening.

    • Sucks to be sick. And even more if you have to keep the home fires burning all the time too.
      Service in SA is the pits for the most part.
      Must say, I’ve never had any kind of issue with my Neotel line. No downtime unless there’s a huge storm, instantaneous connection – not ADSL or anything, but for my needs, perfect.

  2. Having been ‘off the air’ for nigh on six weeks because of cable faults your tale of woe came as quite a shock.
    My goodness, hope you are feeling a bit more chipper?
    Please drop me a line when you’re motor is running smoothly once again..
    Love ek.

    • Hi! πŸ™‚ Right, and for obvious reasons I didn’t even realize you had problems being online. It’s how it goes. I’m better, tx. Will email.

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