Sorry, misnamed the previous post: Should have been “Pseudoscience”.

The scientific fraud came in about an article I read about nuts.  A team of scientists “finding” that in calorie-controlled diets, the intake of nuts doesn’t cause weight gain (duh, the controlling factor here is the “calorie-controlled”!).  The scientists had been incentivised (funded) by a Tree Nut Foundation (I think, Australian but it can happen in the best of countries) to “find” that nuts don’t cause weight gain.

Completely against anyone’s intuition who’s ever spontaneously started eating and enjoying nuts and suddenly found themselves 6kg heavier.  Yes, it’s the nuts.  Tree nuts, peanuts, regardless.  They contain extremely high amounts of fats.  Plant fats, sure.  Acc. South African dietician Tabitha Hume, it doesn’t matter where you source your dietary fat; how much fat you “source”, matters.  Your liver takes whatever lipid comes along, and turns a lot of it into cholesterol.  Yes, cholesterol is an animal product.  Your very own liver produces it.  So people with high cholesterol shouldn’t only avoid animal fats; they should avoid all fats as far as they can.  This apparently leads to much lowered blood cholesterol levels.  Good ones as well as bad ones.

Do you need cholesterol (why is your liver producing it)?  Yes, you do!  You consist to a large part out of cholesterol, as it forms the most important part of all your cell membranes.  That’s a lot of membrane.  It is also the most common base material in your hormonal household.  Do you need cholesterol?  Yes, of course!

Nuts are in fact a fantastic food source.  Which is probably why St Nicholas is said to have gone around with his huge bag distributing apples and nuts to the poor around Christmas time.  Nuts are prime protein and calorie sources.  They are also “brain food” and have a calming effect on the nervous system.  (From that angle one should maybe try giving ADHD kids nuts on a regular basis?)  They are just not the food of choice if you wish to become / stay skinny!

What baffles me about this vegan site is this:  They are their own worst enemy.  They should sometimes just shut up and let facts speak for themselves!

Fact:  The “First World” has a huge massive obesity problem.

Fact:  Very few vegetarians and vegans manage to be overweight, and that only by a very concerted effort of eating lots of oily food.  Most vegetarians that I’m aware of (and also my brother who is a GP in Canada) are skinny, lean and very healthy.  He complains about them; they are their GP’s worst customers, it’s really annoying how little heart disease they get.

Fact: We eat far more meat and protein (in general, not just animal protein) than we need.  (Ok,  there is another fad around, the Atkins crowd and more recently the “Paleo” crowd who somehow imagines that prehistoric man mainly subsisted on hunting.  Well, humans got pretty good at hunting (“vegetarian” is actually a Sioux word for “bad hunter”).  But the high-protein and ketotic-style diets have their own health side effects, which once again their proponents don’t want to know about.)

Fact:  Sugar is harder than teeth.  (Who ever split a tooth on a candy?  Pretty scary experience, isn’t it?)  Whether it’s the chemical erosion (sugar turns mildly acidic when being digested by our amylase in our saliva – yes, go figure, for what would we have amylase in our mouths if we weren’t supposed to eat and digest sugars?) or whether it’s feeding the plaque bacteria, I wouldn’t be able to tell.  But I disagree with the extremist view that sugar is “poison”.  We were designed to eat, taste, enjoy and digest sugar and get a huge energy boost from it.  Our whole system is rigged towards it.  If we only ever ate fructose or protein, why should we even have insulin?

Sadly however, all is not quite vegan where it comes to health.  There is a growing body of evidence showing that those who incorporated fish in their diet (early on) were the populations where most inventive progress towards civilization was made.  Fish contains the omega 3 fatty acids that are so essential to brain development.  It has been indicated to prevent and/or treat hyperactivity or attention difficulties in children.

But to bring global warming into it, and CO2 levels (honestly, do you know what percentage of air is CO2?  Want to venture a guess?  Want to look it up?  Want to look up in the same go how a genuine greenhouse actually works? … and for how many years, summer after summer and winter after winter, we’ve actually been having global cooling now – why the climate changists now very carefully don’t talk about global warming anymore but about climate change?)  Cows farting will bring on the end of the world?

Ag all this talk about food is just making me hungry!  LOL

7 thoughts on “Sorry, misnamed the previous post: Should have been “Pseudoscience”.

  1. Diets don’t work…period. Oh, they might help one lose weight to varying degrees, but the body is no mug and won’t get fooled for long.

    When I was running every day, I could eat non stop, almost, and it made no difference. Well, it DID but not in a negative way unless I binged on chocolate or too much beer.
    The body adapts to its fuel source incredibly well and will usually only have a fit after it has been abused to the point of overload…ie beer and/or chocolate.

    Since my marathon running day ended sad to say I have steadily gained weight and will continue to do so unless I jack up the miles or intensity of exercise.

    It is that simple. Fuel intake must be balanced by fuel burnt. is is the simplest way to look at it, and providing one is sensible about what one eats then the body is designed to regulate itself.

    • *LIKED* this answer! “The body is no mug”. Absolutely! And the energy equation is what it’s about (if you purely look at body weight and shape, not overall health). This is why some of these “proofs” are so obviously fraudulent: They applied the energy equation and made people eat fewer calories, to compensate for the intake of nuts. And then they used this as an argument that nuts don’t fatten you. Nuts!

      Still, like your chocolate and beer comments support, one can’t simply ignore the balance, especially not with children. Meggi burns incredible amounts of energy and is as thin as a little sprite, but if I don’t make sure she eats her veggies she gets sick, and without her omegas she can’t focus in school (really school is a harrowing process on kids, totally unnatural).

  2. Very valid points, here. Given the incentive and resources, one can prove black is white. Or, at least, produce enough technobabble to make it seem you have done so. Every proof, anyway, needs a ‘terms and conditions apply’ addendum.
    Diet, as with everything, should be subject to moderation and balance. Vegans and vegetarians go all fundamentalist-fanatic, and simply don’t realise they are being deprived of important nutrients.

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