IE Explorer go explode!!

I’ve just discovered that the rounded-corners issue, which I battled with in the past and gave up on, has been solved, neatly and nicely, in CSS.

Rounded corners on boxes have been with us on many websites for a while now.  Look at WordPress.  Boxes have slightly rounded corners.  Another beautiful feature is the drop-shadow and fuzzy edges effect on boxes.  Both gorgeous.  It makes a website look 3D, malleable, real.  Not just flat.

Back then, rounded corners were only possible one of three ways:  By loading graphic images (and of course it fell apart in IE6), or using pages and pages of javascript, or doing a bit of both.  So now there’s this single, neat CSS command that takes care of it all:  “border-radius”.  You can set the depth of the curve; you can even make elliptical corners, or round individual corners on a box and leave others sharp.

After playing around with P’kaboo’s dropdown and branchout menus, I decided that the current look of sharp corners is crisper.  And after all, crispy reads is what we offer, not fluffy reads.  We like cliff-hangers and ragged-edged humour in our books, and try to steer away from the stuff that makes you reach for the tissue-box (or the bucket).

So there was only one page I updated with some rounded corners.  

And behold:  It works in all browsers …  except Internet Explorer 8 and older!

Other browsers have backwardly fixed their old versions.  Other browsers were more on-the-ball with updating their css-support.  Sure, for corners and for fuzzy edges you may have to add -webkit- or -moz- prefixes to make sure it works in some older versions, but the prefixes are there.  For IE, there’s nothing.

So for the first time in 2 years I find myself in the position again of having to write a redirect page (and I have to admit, the redirect-code has become easier – possibly more web developers experiencing the same gripes?).  Our links page ( with its rounded corners decomposes on IE 8 and older.  Doesn’t only not have rounded corners; literally comes apart.  URGHH!  I redirect it to “” with a dire warning to the user of the old browser.  I have to solve this problem in my mind and then upload the solution so that the page can at least look as pretty as its standard counterpart, even though the code is not the same.  (It also doesn’t handle the link css.  So our little green boxes decompose into a heap of naked text.)  

If you are still using an old Internet Explorer, please consider updating it, or better:  Download Firefox or Google Chrome (Chromium if you’re on Linux, but you won’t have the same IE headache in any case if you’re on Linux because you’re not using IE).

It just brings it home to me how spoilt I’ve become, snug on my Ubuntu (a version of Linux) with all programs being freeware, and most functions as good if not better than Windows.  And:  No viruses.  None.  At all.  It’s been quiet around these parts.  Touch wood.


12 thoughts on “IE Explorer go explode!!

    • YAY! 🙂 I’m currently using “Chromium” which is the little sibling of Chrome, it’s got everything Chrome has but is for Linux. Firefox is also good. I used to like Seamonkey but it’s sadly stayed behind and now also doesn’t handle rounded corners… luckily not all that widely used as a browser. Midori, Fedora, Opera, Safari… all good. IE? Rubbish, and all web designers I’ve met agree on this.

  1. *tries to look really intelligent* Oh … absolutely!
    Actually, for speed of loading I much prefer Opera, but it has limited scope with other applications. I find I have to use Firefox for some things and IE for others. Chrome doesn’t like me.

  2. I’m on Chrome…and if that doesn’t work I usually use Hammer.
    I must actually download Ubuntu one day give it a bash..but I’m just nervous mucking about much…

    • 😀 Hammer sounds like a marvellous application! Works on people’s knees, too (or maybe that was Mallet). To test if they are alive. You’ll find that you won’t have to give Ubuntu as much bash as you need to give Windows – it’s a better-behaved system! How’re you doing anyway? 🙂

  3. Hi Gipsika. My head exploded after reading “I’ve just discovered …….” 😉

    A while ago I lost most of my sidebar widgets due to IE issues. Timethief and Manxman of WP support forum advised me to ditch IE. Which I did and now use FireFox. Not 100% perfect but much better than IE, which I am keeping loaded as a back-up in case FireFox throws a big wobbly 😀 xox

    • Firefox threw a bit of a wobbly for me some time back, at which I loaded Chromium (that’s Chrome, just for Linux). No further problems. But I design web pages, so I have to take into account how they render on people’s computers even if they use fossilized browsers. Sadly.

    • I lost my Firefox theme for almost a day including addons a few months back. The whole browser eventually returned to normal. Since then Firefox has been good to me. Touch fossilised wood !!

      Do have a great week ahead 😀

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