P’kaboo trades Car Parts

As shimmers through in the comments on the previous post, P’kaboo is not only publishing books but also agenting some other items.  Part of these have to do with furniture and upholstery; we’re also thinking of expanding into custom-made jewellery.  But the most significant development is the coalition we formed with a Russian car parts company.  South Africa being part of the BRICS block of countries, it makes sense to open trade relations, especially in the light of the BRICS dollar that is on the cards, and the BRICS passport that will be available later this year.

So if you know someone with a Russian car – or even a Russian with a car – or a car part – please let us know.  Perhaps we can add to our current line.

Also let us know if you know someone who needs something upholstered or wants to learn upholstery, or someone who needs custom-made jewellery, like an engagement or eternity ring or special baby bracelet, or who needs changes done to their existing jewellery.



19 thoughts on “P’kaboo trades Car Parts

  1. I could do with a little upholstery myself, dear. At my age, Mr. Newton and his gravity are wont to play havoc.
    I know a part-Russian who had a big-end, dear. Does this qualify?

  2. If you happen to find out who currently has the Harry Potter Ford Anglia, let us know. It was stolen, and my theory is it’s currently being run by a Russian oligarch as a bit of oneupmanship over his rivals who only have Mercedes with blacked-out windows.

    • That’s terrible! I’ll spread the news among my suppliers, I only hope that we won’t find bits of the Anglia again between other parts that they regularly obtain from South Africa… here, the chances of finding the whole car again are rather slim.

      Please keep me updated on this!

  3. And now? Were those little ants getting squashed and the formic (?) acid ruining the theme ?

    Sigh….monochrome, monochrome where at thou?
    Its all black and white to me I tell ya…LOL

  4. ”… almost what? ”
    This should have been tagged to the end of the last comment but I forgot which reply buttin to press.
    Almost monochrome…

    Bring back the ants.
    I shall stat a picket …

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