And of course…



11 thoughts on “And of course…

    • If you’ve been following Douglas’ comments on his and other people’s blogs, whenever he was trying to get to his book page he saw the page in Russian (how he got this right I have no idea, it must be the Yandex browser he uses that auto-translates, or maybe the KBG is onto him). This was not on April Fools but in fact since Feb. I guess it’s his just deserts for leaving and coming back! 😉 But honestly I don’t know how it worked because I don’t program in Russian.

      As for the upholstery: Actually not so far removed, I have a friend who produced a whole multimedia package on how to upholster and has offered me agency. Of course I said yes, and I still have to include the package on the website.

    • yes – the gmail one. And P’kaboo’s email addresses work. But we’ve been having no internet – Vodacom troubles on my end, iburst troubles on my family’s… somehow when one server goes down the next one is overloaded and goes down too.

    • The date was the 1st of April – April Fools’ Day. Convention in many English-speaking (and also German) countries is that on April Fool’s Day you are allowed to invent freely, the more hair-raising the invention, the better, and let’s see who believes it. 😉

    • The photo was actually taken last year, on my nephew’s birthday party. My nephew was born on 2nd of April (missed being an April Fool by a very narrow margin). For his party the theme was “knights and princesses”. My son (in the photo) is a little older, and he chose to be the court jester instead. With every child who came through the gate, he blew a fanfare on the toy trumpet (which was just a squeaky toy).

      We made the costume together, my kids and I, from the most unlikely materials. It was fun.

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