Smack! Got it!

What’s wrong with the “system”?

The very fact that it is a system.

Every human being is different (although according to Monty Python, some are not).

So if it’s a hair-raising idea to me if someone has sex with a dog, wth, maybe it isn’t hair-raising to someone else!  Or if people who are shipwrecked beyond hope, start killing and eating each other – what hey, is that a crime or is it not?  Who’s to judge, who was not in that situation?  Do you eat shark meat?  I do – no problem there.  It would make some others throw up, just contemplating that the shark might have eaten human first.

Just so, to some people drugs are a lifestyle, and it works for them – I don’t even mean the dealers, I mean up to 60% of academia in some US universities!  Some people have their children on Ritalin and it works fine, and others have them on Ritalin with terrible consequences.  Even others campaign against Ritalin.  Some people beat their wives, their children… some people keep harems!

So, ditto, about abortion.  If you, in Pakistan, London or China, choose to abort your baby because you believe you can and should – whatever!  I on my part choose to teach my children sexual arrogance, so that they treat their sexual identities with the self-respect they deserve, and don’t sell them off cheaply!  If that’s arrogant of me, what hey.  You think I’m arrogant for teaching them to feel superior by abstaining and delaying the onset of their sex lives, and I feel you’re cheap by failing to teach your children the same.  We can agree on friendly mutual disrespect. 😉

Culturally:  There are many different cultures, in some, girls get married at 12 or 13, arranged marriages.  Many pro-choicers howl about this, but do these girls really find it a hardship?  After all, they get to have lots of sex, and it’s sanctioned by their community, they don’t even need to feel guilty about it!

Some cultures condemn people sleeping around, others promote it.  And so we differ.

It is when we put all these cultures into one melting pot that we get trouble.  Quite naturally, a society will stratify.  Leave any mix of people alone for a while and you’ll find strata forming.  We don’t all have to be the same.

So, when it comes to teaching your children (or making your own life decisions) all that really has an impact is the family culture and the direct environment.  Teen pregnancies are much reduced amongst home-schoolers; main reason, they don’t have a quick bonk in the restrooms in break a few times per week.  It would be interesting to read stats correlating teen self-image with the incident of pregnancy.


7 thoughts on “Smack! Got it!

  1. I spent all my school career at normal school ( for any given value of normal) and never once did I even get the offer of a ”quick bonk in the restroom”. Mind, you, come to think of it, as a good fifty percent of my school career was at single-sex institutions – that’s boys schools in old money – I would have run a mile had it been suggested!
    And although I may have fantasized about Miss Anita Gomez,my senior school English teacher whom I never even think of any more and can’t even remember her name – I kept my hands on my pencil and never succumbed to mid-lesson restroom breaks.

    • 😀 *Applauding your amazing restraint!* Yes I also went to a “normal” school (at least that’s what they told me although I have to admit, looking back, some of the kids looked a bit funny… even in the mirror), and there were only one or two who had been rumoured to be bonking. These were considered the whores of the school, and good kids didn’t really want to associate with them.

      It’s cultural. This is why I find it tough to understand how people can “defend the rights” of a 13-year-old to bonk, morning noon and night. But what hey… we always had dogs and nobody I ever knew took advantage of that either. Maybe we were all stuck-in-the-mud.

  2. Sheesh…every other pupil was ‘getting some’ except me. Oh, and you, of course, and her, and him and them and …..
    This is how kids ARE. And the ‘School Bicycle’? She probably ticked someone off that had nothing to do with bonking other than a quick snog in the ‘bogs’ and started a rotten rumour that went on to became a meme and cursed the poor thing throughout her academic life, whereas the real ‘slut’ ( only because she did the nasty) probably did fall pregnant and had to leave school early. Sad. But there is little if anything more vicious than a school child.

  3. Yes I also went to a “normal” school (at least that’s what they told me although I have to admit, looking back, some of the kids looked a bit funny… even in the mirror),

    Brilliant off the cuff. – I must remember and nick it one day.
    Bit like Les and him providing me with Mentholated Spiritualists.
    I grab the humour wherever I find it. Love it!

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