Some crazy violin…

I was looking for another piece when I came across this guy.

This piece itself has an interesting history.  All travelling performers had to perform “God save the King” first when performing before the British royalty.  This is Paganini’s version.  (Though I must say, Roman added a few touches of his own…)

My student’s comment:  “He’s hungry!  Give him something to eat!”

The music I was actually looking for is this:

Henri Vieuxtemps plays Wieniawski Souvenir de Moscou

(Funny this time it doesn’t want to embed?)

Wieniawski has a special magic in his compositions.



4 thoughts on “Some crazy violin…

  1. A lot of this sounds as if the poor Queen is suffering from fleas and mosquitoes!
    As for the other one – I see chords and runs and notes with trills I simply wouldn’t dream of trying to inflict on a poor violinist. Obviously the breed can take far more punishment than I would have thought possible!

    • LOL yes, they’re a much tougher breed than meets the eye. That “Souvenir de Moscou” – actually playable. (Doesn’t sound it, does it?) There are a few parts that promise to be really hard work (those chords upon chords), and I’ll never sound like Vieuxtemps (or any of those) but it can actually be learnt.

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