Peanuts and Jellytots

As a lullaby for my youngest, I looked up Panis Angelicus for her on Youtube.  After hearing this rendition, I feel I never want to hear it any other way again.  These boys are incredible, I didn’t believe such a choir still existed.  Their intonation (pitching) is 100% spot on, their voices as pure as bells.  Like one commentator said on Youtube, after hearing them one can believe in angels again.

We do play this piece as one of our wedding pieces, in the quartet.  Our cellist refers to it as “Peanuts and Jellytots”. Well, that might be what angels live on…





6 thoughts on “Peanuts and Jellytots

  1. Of course, I love the ‘peanuts and jellytots’!
    The singing is outstanding. To think that such voices have such a brief lifespan – it is indeed sad.
    As a matter of interest, I had a boy soprano voice of concert-performance quality, but once it broke that was that.

    • Well maybe it is exactly their fleetingness that makes them so rare. Adult female sopranos are beautiful but generally lack the same pristine clarity or have the vibrato habit (for singers, a bad habit where I’m concerned!)

      One could compare these young voices to dragon flies, or shooting stars, or similar ephemera.

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