Letterdash bye-bye

Blogs24 doesn’t allow me to log in any longer, the “anti-spam” software throws me out.  This is after a few months of not going into that particular blog.  So, please dear old friends from Letterdash, follow me here, rather, because kalinka’s blog on 24.com is inaccessible and the effort to get it sorted will simply take more time than I’m prepared to spend.

Apologies for not blogging a lot.  I’ll update when something blogworthy starts happening again.  Right now it’s just the spinneroozles of the beginning of a new year.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, may 2013 be Absolutely Awesome!!




7 thoughts on “Letterdash bye-bye

  1. Am indeed concerned to note your problem. What are you planning to do about it? Have you taken up the issue with WORDPRESS? What I find intriguing is that I am able to comment.


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