Weird little insights

  • Marketing a book one-on-one to a person, or one-on-twelve to a group, is easier than selling one online.
  • People still want paper books – in fact the majority of books sold today are still paper; there are very few (mainstream) ebooks that don’t have a corresponding paperback
  • The people you invite personally are by-and-large the people who come to your launches
  • Every step takes you closer to a goal
  • People prefer reading bulleted lists to numbered lists
  • One can launch an author in another country using Skype
  • During a storm, Skype turns into a cubist painting
  • A visual icon is max 9 items so one shouldn’t make bulleted lists longer than that

πŸ˜‰Β  Have fun and amuse yourselvers.

…gipsika sneaking off…



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