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Thursday 20 December 2012
At Glenstantia Library, c/o Chopin & Duvernoy St

Forest Circle Quest, Freedom Fighter, Lupa

The Glenstantia Library was very accommodating to agree to host this triple-launch at such short notice.  Literally, I picked the books up from the binders (who btw did a sweet job and were fast about it) on Wednesday.

Glenstantia Library has been so kind to host a book reading of excerpts of “The Mystery of the Solar Wind”  to one of their book clubs, in 2010.  This time, they wish to give all our books exposure.

Mercury Silver:

We are hoping to launch this book, possibly in conjunction with another one or two, in February 2013.

Other launches:

    • We are working on a UK launch for “Lupa”
    • A Durban launch for “Forest Circle Quest” should be on the cards too.
    • The IMMY PROJECT should be launched the moment it is printed…
    • “Violin Tunes 2” and “Not Another Scale Book” should happen soon in the new year,
  • followed by two books by two new authors that we are currently planning on developing, one being another collection of poetry, and the other, a children’s fairytale.

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