Interview with one of our authors, Marie Marshall of “Lupa” and “Naked in the Sea”. She also contributed stories to “Mercury Silver”.

Samuel Snoek-Brown

A while back, I had the excellent good fortune to have a really cool conversation with author, poet, and all-around cool person Marie Marshall. Happily, when I got tired of talking about myself, Marie was kind enough to let me ask her a bunch of questions, too, which I was eager to do. A poet by nature, she also dabbles in erotica, she published a tribute to Gene Roddenberry, and she wrote a novel about a female gladiator! She also lives in Scotland, a home of which, if I didn’t love Portland, Oregon so much, I’d be supremely jealous. So I was thrilled to chat with her via email.

This was our conversation.

When you first started writing, what were you writing — and why were you writing it?

I started writing in about 2003. I started relatively late, being in my forties, and right out of the blue. No…

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