One of our short-story authors, Dr Emma Briant, talks about her journey. 🙂 Very sweetly written. I’m sure many of us authors feel like this, often… but how many of us have the tenacity to persist until success can’t escape any longer?


Emma Briant is a gifted writer whose work is rapidly gaining the respect it deserves in the worlds of academic and creative writing.  Read on for her tale of a magical month where her hard work pays off – and her words of advice for new and aspiring writers.  I’m delighted to call her my friend, and to have her guest on my blog today.

Dr Emma Briant

I have always been a writer of very little confidence. A cliché I know. Maybe you’re the same. But November was a turning point for me, so I want to tell you about my month.

Now, I’m not a shy person, I’ve done lots of presentations for my research work in the past, I’ve even done a talk in a hangar at the British Defence Academy with rows of tanks and artillery pointed in my direction. I’ve presented in front of NATO and very scary-looking Generals and…

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