I was digging through my short-stories for some technical reason when I stumbled across this little poem.  😀  (I can see all the genuine poets cringing.  Just because it rhymes – it is in fact a poem!  Sorry, guys & gals!)


Puccinia dioicae is a plant pathogen that causes rust on goldenrod


“Puccinia the pathogen

that rusted all my goldenrod

was getting on with rusting when

upon the goldenrod I trod.


Puccinia, though sweetly named

Is not the sister of Puccini

The old composer can’t be blamed

For damage done by this fungini.


While goldenrod’s a flower fair

And herb medicinal sublime,

I think I’d best get out of here

‘fore someone whacks me for my rhyme!


(*ducking and running away*)

4 thoughts on “Puccinia

  1. Dear gipsika,
    Your poem has carefully been considered for inclusion in a Colonialist anthology, but unfortunately must be rejected as being not Really Awful enough.
    Thank you for the submission.
    Yours etc.

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