The Quest to Spooky Manor

Cubs are good for your children – amongst other reasons because they meet friends there.

So here is my youngest, M, comes home with the request that she needs to sleep over at her friend E.  E is a boy, so my first reaction is scepticism.  What are they up to?

She explains.  E and herself want to go to Spooky Manor (“you know, Mom, that ghost house on the way to Uncle Mark”), and go loot some treasure there.  To get to the Ghost House will be complicated.  First they will need a raft, and for that they need to meet at the Wimpy so they can draw up plans for the raft. They need this raft to cross a three-day river.  So they will also need food for seven days to stash on the raft; because three days they will cross the river there, and one day they will loot the treasure, and three days back.

I’m a spoilsport, I fail to take her to the Wimpy.  The two draw up the plans for the raft at the Cubs meeting on the Friday.  Then the next week, E’s dad has built the raft.  It’s a beautiful raft.  The Cubs know what it is about and just admire it.  The Scouts don’t get it and play with it, and break it!  (Man!)  So E’s dad lends E the Kayak…

Last Saturday E’s dad took both M and R (my son) with E to the Natural Science Museum (the old Transvaal Museum).  When they return, M has a handful of treasure.

E has ended up going alone; sneaking out of the house at midnight, crossing the 3-day river (but the river dried up and he stranded the repaired raft on a rock, but luckily he could swim to safety); then he found the door of Spooky Manor locked.  Luckily though there was a trapdoor, so he entered through that and there was a lot of treasure…

E’s father accepted a job in a faraway country, so we won’t see E for four years, but man will we miss him!  What a wonderful kid with such an imagination; what a wonderful father to buy into his son’s fantasy and help it along by building a raft (and buying treasure so that M can share in the “loot”)!

This has nothing to do with Cubs; they don’t get quite that adventurous.  This is about two children with high-flying imaginations. M and E are of the same stuff.  They understand each other.


So M has a handful of treasure.  Amongst it, a skull-and-crossbones (“from real gold!”), a genuine citrine or celestite crystal; a real freshwater pearl, and a HUGE “diamond” ring with “real diamond and white gold”.

Amazing treasure from an amazing friend.












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