Something Different

Going through my old posts, of my Letterdash blog, and found this.  🙂

I like the way the third picture warps as one scrolls.


Woman’s Day Post, 2011

The temptation to jump onto the Woman’s Day bandwagon was overwhelming, but except for saying thank you to all my girlfriends, my mother, my sister, my grandmother, my daughters and my soul sister, for sweetening my life by existing, I don’t really have much to add.

Yes we know women are supposedly made of steel; and we pay the price too, in terms of too high expectations of ourselves, burnout, failure and depression (not always in that order).  The more we expect of ourselves, the more is expected of us, too.  We go the extra mile and are then expected to go five more, for the same pay.  And so on.  Men usually don’t stand for that kind of abuse.

But this isn’t meant to be a moan to chew your ears off either.

I’d like you to take a look around you.  How does materialism shape your world?

Would you be able to live like this?

I don’t mean for a holiday.  Anyone can do it for a holiday.  I mean, for a lifestyle.

Does this look better?

Ok.  Pretentious you say? fine….

How about this:

Still not?  Rats – can’t get it right, can I?

How about:

Or in fact:


Bit cold, you say?

Really, anything to complain about!  Okay, so here’s a lifestyle to shut you up:

For the summer.

and in winter.

(For the observant:  It’s the same castle.)

(Ladies: It does come with complete staff.)

I’d better leave it on this high (LOL) note.

Schloss Neuschwanstein, for those who wanted to know.

running away



7 thoughts on “Something Different

    • For a little while, certainly. We went on the Tsitsikamma trail when I was 17. There was one hiker hut that had a long-drop with the door missing. Well the view from that place was fantastic but it was really funny how furtively people went to the oy. We dubbed that little *house “Bella Vista”.

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