4 new ShortStories on P’kaboo – and of course Marie Marshall’s poetry

Poetry is – like chocolates.  Like exquisite jewellery, some priceless due to its valuable gems and some just costume jewellery with cubits but exquisite in its workmanship.

We don’t always find time to read a novel in our crazy lives.  But there is always time for a poem.

Poems also don’t strain your eyes as badly when read on e-readers.  Hence the value of a poetic ebook should be nearly that of its paper counterpart.

Naked in the Sea - Poetry  

I give you Marie Marshall, the author (authrix?  writrix?) of the intriguing bi-reality novel “Lupa”.

As for the short-stories:

Less commitment than reading a whole novel.  A short-story is a snack where a novel is a banquet.  You can squeeze in a short-story over lunchtime without walking with your head in a novel for a week.

Four new submissions, following hard on the heels of the previous four; and there are two more under revision (but it is late and kalinka only has a limited store of awake).  

Settling Up

Settling Up – by Nick Legg

A Tale of Heroes

A Tale of Heroes – By Douglas Pearce


Outside – By Dr Emma Briant

Get What You Can

Get What You Can – by Nick Legg


8 thoughts on “4 new ShortStories on P’kaboo – and of course Marie Marshall’s poetry

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