Things are moving forward..


I signed off the proofs today.  Soon I’ll have them in my hands:  Freedom Fighter (Solar Wind 3), Lupa, and …  well, I already have Forest Circle Quests, so I can do a combined launch once I have the other two.  (Also had to reprint some Solar Winds – first run with red covers!)

Behind the scenes:  (Aw that expression reminds me so much of orchestra and operetta performances where we were behind the “scenes” and in the “wings”, i.e. hiding behind that many-portioned heavy black curtain that separated us from the visible stage and the audience.)

->  Immy by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble:  I keep seeing the image of the Swan.  Beautiful, graceful, gliding along the surface (think of Tchaikovski’s “Swan”) – and one just doesn’t see how hard it is paddling underneath.

-> Naked in the Sea:  Poetry collection by Marie Marshall, soon to be available as Amazon ebook and on P’kaboo.

-> The short-story collection:  There are a few more being prepared for upload (but not tonight pls).  If you want to participate, now is the time, because in 2 weeks it’s December.

So then, happy browsing!




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