The four C’s of Web Marketing

In the movie “Hop”, the little sister advises the main character (a drop-out layabout kind of New Man) on how to prepare for a job interview she has organized him:

“Remember the three ‘Sh”s:  Shower, Shave and Shut Up.”

It seems alliteration likes drawing its circles throughout any kind of advertizing advice…  here’s the battle-cry of web marketeers:

Create Compelling Content, Constantly

This is the advice given for making web marketing work for you.

The best content-creator wins!  To get clicks (and at some point hopefully, sales of your product), you need to be out there 24/7, out-blogging and out-creating the other 24/7 web marketeers.

The result

… if presented visually, looks something like this:

Yes, you are right:  That is a video of exponential growth.  Like bacteria.

If each of those bacterial cells represents one blog entry (or one new piece of “web content”), you get the idea.

And the weird thing is:  The web never loses anything.

Bacteria, when the growth medium gets depleted, die off as suddenly as they grew.

But the internet, not being a “growth medium” but an abstract space consisting of all the content of all the web creators put together, grows with its “bacteria”.  It is growth medium and cell mass in one.  It is exploding exponentially and has been for decades now.

At this moment, estimates the size of the internet to be at least 8.42 billion active pages. That is:  8.42 times 10 *9, or 8,420,000,000.

A typical “office” page of A4 paper weighs 5g.

If every web page weighed 5g, the internet would weigh at least 42,200 ton (42,1 x10 *3 kg).

Like the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium in Beijing.

Or the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm.


the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier.

(Keep in mind that every  5 g of this structure is made up of a designed web page with logo and content and all.)

Something that is that large and grows by itself, on Planet Earth, can nearly be regarded as a life form.

In nature, something would come and eat it.



8 thoughts on “The four C’s of Web Marketing

  1. Fascinating facts!
    No doubt some bright spark is already hard at work on the supervirus which is going to rampage through gobbling the lot, including a special snack on antivirus programmes as entree.

    • They’re trying! But just like a healthy rose can actually outgrow aphids… and I guess a healthy body can survive measles, somehow the Internet resists.

      LOL and then there is Linux and the Open Source community. Linux is pretty resistant to virus.

    • so far so good. People have nothing to gain from that because Linux geeks don’t pay for programs – they try to do everything via freeware. So if someone breaks the one freeware program they just go looking for the next. OR at least, let’s hope that stays the case… 😉

    • 😉 Sounds lovely.

      Why do you want to sell your chalet? Or is it for holiday traffic?

      Sorry that I don’t get around to reading regularly. I find it tough, too, not to allow my blog to go to sleep altogether at this point. I’ve redirected my pseudo-neo-LD blog here, too… can’t keep things up.

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