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There is also Forest Circle Quest, not yet in the Amazon Store but can be obtained from CreateSpace under P’kaboo imprint, https://www.createspace.com/4012062. It should be in the general store in a day or two.

My eyes are square and my head is spinning. Uploading these projects, I noticed (like in a house) just how much there is to do, on the current and new titles.  There is no lack of projects.  Time I started working “smart”, not just “hard”.

We had a studio concert on Friday.  I do believe each played his/her best.  And I’m impressed that grandparents came to listen, too.

Our oldest shortstories are nearly at the end of their free month.  Pls go and have a look at www.pkaboo.net/freestuff.html if you haven’t already.  And if you have one, submit, submit, submit….


Story Post:  From “Raider!”  (Solar Wind 4)

The goddess led the way up to the second level. The room was in semi-darkness; outside strobe lights were shining great haloes into the water. Merrows looked in through every porthole-shaped window.

In the middle of the room there was a large round glass contraption that looked like a terrarium, except that it housed a pillar inlaid with thousands of tiny crystals of all shapes and colours. There was a window straight through the pillar, inside which a fragile double pyramid of something hung suspended, it seemed, in nothing but air. It looked like the thinnest lead glass artwork Paean had ever seen. Flickering inside it were sparks and flames of plasma of all colours.

The Central Crystal!” breathed Paean.

Federi shook his head. “Don’t think so.”

You may consult the Oracle now, if you wish,” said Bridget graciously. “And after that I want to ask you questions.”

That is the Oracle?” asked Paean sceptically.

It is the Oracle,” Bridget assured her as Federi shook his head again with a scowl.

Well then,” said Paean, “I’d like to know how we can rid the Earth of the Unicate.”

The console fizzled and hissed and a card with writing on it formed out of thin air. Bridget cautiously opened the glass and removed the card that was hovering in mid-air. She glanced at it and scowled.

This sliver shows arcane runes,” she said. “They appear to be in a magical code that has been extinct for over two hundred thousand years.” She handed it to Paean, who glanced at it and laughed brightly.

It’s English! The card says, ‘how should I bloody know what you must do about the Unicate? Who is Paean Donegal, you or I?’”

What?” asked Federi, incredulous. He snatched the card from her and read it. “Right! Good grief, how did that console do that?”

It really is an Oracle,” said Paean reverently.

Or a huge trick,” completed Federi. He peered sharply at Bridget. “Does Dana still have any kind of influence in this place?”

The change that came over Bridget was remarkable. She morphed from a glowing, golden goddess into a benighted hag. She let out a screech of rage.

Dana! You have been consorting with that filth? And you dare set foot in my empire, you dirty, rotten…”

Scoundrels,” completed Federi. “Little luv, I think we’ve got our answers. Later, Goddess.” He performed another swift bow, and this time his nose connected a bit suddenly with his shin. He rubbed it as he grabbed Paean’s hand and pulled her after him, back out of that room, down the golden stairs, and back to the bubble sub. Bridget followed at the fastest pace her divinity would allow. They barely made it into the submarine and slammed the hatch. Federi checked the seals as the water started to rise. The floodlights were still on; Bridget had vanished.

Luigi?” checked Federi. The croach crawled out of his pocket with the teleporter.

Yes, Master.


The pressure meter of the sub rose, and rose. Much too fast.

Breaking the bleeding sub!” growled Federi.

Teleport,” squeaked Paean.

The outer hatch of the hall opened and the water rushed in. Federi fumbled with the teleporter.

It’s set to Seafloor,” said Paean. “Just press ‘leap’!”

Lost the settings,” replied Federi, stressed. It didn’t help that his fingers were slipping; the Central Crystal had just grabbed onto his mutant pathways and was pumping fear.

Merrows crowded in and clung to the craft on all sides. Paean noted that they even had claws at the tips of their tails. Toenails, she thought rationally. They shouldn’t be able to hold onto the bubble sub; there was nothing much to cling onto. Mostly volcaniplex. And… their claws were scratching the glass.

How can they scratch the glass?” she squeaked.

Quiet, little luv,” growled Federi, hacking around on the teleporter. “Don’t show them your fear.” He found the right setting and activated it, and they leaped.

Before them lay the Seafloor Base.

And four of the merrows were still clinging to the bubble sub, gouging the volcaniplex.

Can’t Perdita’s giant shark still be around and eat them,” said Federi.

Federi, they’re damaging the volcaniplex! Nothing can break volcaniplex!”

Some things can,” he replied. “The right kind of torpedo… Perdita’s explosives… diamond…”

They’ve got diamond-tipped claws?”

Paean, control your fear! You’re sending them into a frenzy!”

They’re trying to open this can so they can eat us!”

That’s the program,” agreed Federi. “Tear us limb from limb, eat us… don’t worry, we’ll die from the pressure the moment the sub cracks open.” He hacked around on the teleporter some more.

Federi was in fact battling the mutant’s reflexes more than he was battling the teleporter. He couldn’t take this mess into Seafloor; they were not set up to deal with merrows. He wouldn’t be surprised if those armoured creatures would survive machinegun fire. Surface? And set four monstrosities free to roam the planet. Four against which…

A sound like a gunshot reverberated around the sub. A crack spanned the volcaniplex. Paean screamed. And next they were in the fuzz-field of a teleportation. But through the vagueness and disturbance she could still see the merrows clinging onto the sub even now. And Federi wrapped his flared sleeves around her and they were teleporting out of the teleporter field, Luigi clinging onto her sleeve for his life. The world spun uncontrollably. Paean hung onto Federi, her cheek against his sparse beard, her eyes squeezed tightly shut. There was a massive explosion. That was just before she got seriously dizzy, banged her head terribly and slipped into oblivion.

© Lyz Russo, 2008


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