You gotta submit…

P’kaboo is calling for short-stories!

Five authors have already submitted some really good entries.  More than one reader has already commented on the high standard of the short-stories that are up.

But we need more!!

Remember the objective (which is in the first place always to entertain and to please):

The shorties will be up for a month.

Then the best will be picked for an ebook album and made available in the P’kaboo shop (and on Amazon).

If the album sells well as ebook, there shall be a paper version too!  Shorties get used by schools for analysis and so on.

What do you have to lose?  Go ahead… send one in!  🙂

Here are the links to the current stories:

The Unusual Girlfriend by Nick Legg

Memoirs of a Chief Replicator Technician A genre tribute by Marie Marshall

Wedding Portrait by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

By the Wayside by Dr Emma Briant

Eulogy to Miss Eulalie by L.S. Bassen

^_^  While you’re at it, also feel free to have a look at our new books,

Forest Circle Quest

(by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble) –


(by Marie Marshall) –


Freedom Fighter

(the third in the “Solar Wind” series – by Lyz Russo) –

That’s enough for now…



Your thoughts on this:

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