Three new novels out & waiting for their launches

Three new novels are available on P’kaboo and will also be available from Amazon shortly (one already is).

The books are:

Forest Circle Quest

(by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble) –


(by Marie Marshall) –


Freedom Fighter

(the third in the “Solar Wind” series – by Lyz Russo) –




Reader’s Review:

Forest Circle Quest
by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

The story ties in with his other Magic Forest Circle novels, i.e. Regina and Baa Baa Black Belt. Two pudgy and not-too-happy siblings, almost-twins, get entangled in a magical adventure and, to their great surprise, have to be heroes.

The book reminds of Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” in its tone; it begins in the mundane world, and takes the reader along with the twins, deeper and deeper into the magical lands. As they progress, they discover qualities about the Forest and about themselves that surprise. Companions add themselves to their quest as they go along; each a unique and quirky character that, though some in animal shape, one cannot help but adore.

The story picks up to a breathless pace, sweeping the “twins” along deeper into trouble than they had ever anticipated. Along with becoming very gripping, a sudden spiritual depth is revealed.

True to the great tradition of fantasy, and unlike Stephen King, there is a happy ending… though not quite without sacrifices. In a “wind-down” Leslie Noble takes us back stepwise towards the mundane… no rude awakening here; a gentle drifting to the surface of the dream, saying goobye to friends. You’d think such a non-action chapter would drag? It doesn’t, not for a second. The feeling at the end of this book is all good.

While the protagonists are children, probably somewhere just before puberty, the story is rich enough to satisfy a greedy fantasy reader like myself. Giggles abound, and of course you’ll find Colonialist’s word games and puns everywhere.
(reviewed by reader, “kalinka” on


Reader’s Review:


(by Marie Marshall)

South African Indie publishers P’kaboo can be very pleased to have secured the first edition rights to a first novel, Lupa, by the UK writer Marie Marshall, ahead of publishers in her own country.

Marie Marshall has already established herself overseas as a writer of poetry and in other genres, but has only recently launched out as a novelist.

Lupa is a book which one hesitates to describe in any detail for fear of spoiling a unique experience for readers. The realization of ‘what the book is about’ comes through in gradual and fascinating stages. Surprises abound, the first of which consists of a jump back in time from the life of a retired circus performer who fled from conflict-torn Serbia and is now in Rome, to the life of a female gladiator in the days or the Roman Empire.

Interestingly, it seems that although there were women fighting as gladiators in recorded Roman history, the term ‘gladiatrix’ was only coined in about the 18th century.

The novel is exceptionally well crafted, and shows evidence of meticulous research on the periods and settings. It is also most effectively presented on emotional as well as action levels.

In fact, once started Lupa is difficult to put down. Once it is finished, one finds oneself returning to it, whether by rereading or simply by dwelling on the issues raised both by the action and by interactions between the vividly-drawn characters.

(Comment by Colonialist in his capacity of voracious reader)


Solar Wind 3 is in need of reviews or readers’ reviews & comments.

Click here if you want to proof-read the book (ebook version) and write a review.




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