Update on the shorties

P’kaboo Call for Shortstory submissions:

There are so far three new shortstories up on the site by diverse authors (and growing, I’m revising a few more).  Authors include our Colonialist.

To read the stories, click here:  www.pkaboo.net/freestuff.html

To submit one yourself, send an email to submissions@pkaboo.net.

Here is the deal:

  •  The stories that are selected, get posted on P’kaboo’s Freestuff page for a month.
  • The best of these are collected into a bundle, and published as an ebook.  You will receive a small because shared royalty.
  • If the ebook sells well, we’ll consider bringing out a paperback of the bundle.  Shortstories lend themselves to schoolwork as schools love to use them for literary analysis, comprehension, form etc.

Other good news, we’re uploading to Amazon.  Our books (except the music books) shall also become available on Kindle.  This process might take the best part of the rest of the year (or it might be quick, who knows) as it takes some very dedicated internet time for every book.


7 thoughts on “Update on the shorties

  1. I wasn’t sure mine would make the grade – it is a bit lightweight compared with others there. Chuffed, anyway!
    I hope lots of people respond with their pet tales (no, not tails, the pets wouldn’t like that!).

    • 😉 If “to extinguish” means “to put out” and a tale is a narrative, can I therefore take the cat by its narrative and extinguish it?

      It certainly made the grade. It’s short, pithy, and has a lovely haunting overtone towards the end.

    • 🙂 Hi Sidey!! Well Idk… Col’s story is a shortie with just 1000 words (I know he’s also good at “flash” fiction of 30, 100, 300 words – haven’t tried him on 10 words yet LOL – but that’s not technically a full short-story). I guess anything between 1000 and 10 000 words? More than 10 000 becomes a very small novel. :))

      Lupa has about 30 000 words and Douglas’ “Almost Dead” had 60 000 (more or less). Tabika 1 and 2 also weigh in roughly at 40 000 each I’d estimate (right Col?) whereas the Solar Wind 1 has nearly 130 000 words. Lots of story.

      er… so tell me, did I get the answer right? 😉

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