P’kaboo News updated…

…and a call for submissions.

The Internet is a nice thing… but when real life comes at you in freak waves, you knuckle down and work, and niceties like blogs and news updates fall by the wayside.

Our main income is not from the website.  Therefore my marketing efforts are definitely focused there where more rewards loom.  But more specifically, P’kaboo is currently focused on growing titles and authors.  So our newspage grew some moss instead…

Have a squizz at the new newspage.  Hopefully the updates will be more regular now.

P’kaboo News updated


Call for Submissions:

Alright, it is not the “full book deal”.  P’kaboo is calling for subs of short-stories, to display on our FreeStuff page for a month.  The best of these stories will eventually be selected for placement into an album; which future date, we cannot say as this depends entirely on how many subs we get, and their quality.

The album will eventually be available as ebook; depending on its popularity, we may decide to put out paper copies, too.





2 thoughts on “P’kaboo News updated…

    • :)) Hope people will bite, after all there are quite a number of downloads of all our freefiles every month; there is definitely a growing readership.

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