Why do Christians never talk about the Anunnaki?


I was pretty amazed to find this site. I had heard about Anunnaki before, and also about Von Daeniken (whom we were warned against as children in school by our professor* of science – apparently the man had a photo lab in the back of his house where a lot of his marvellous “findings” – UFO’s  etc – were generated).  And of Nibiru, the fiery glowing planet/ brown dwarf star twin of the sun that supposedly is “coming to get us” at the end of 2012.  If I didn’t get that wrong.

{*Professor of Science: Well he was a teacher but he had a PhD in biology and was one of the most well-read people I ever met.  This would fit 100% into the Anunnaki-brigade’s counter-argumentation, that evil scientists are trying to “cover all this up”.}

The above site, titled “Everything about the Anunnaki Reptilians and our true history“, summarizes what “is out there” pretty nicely.  The post that grabbed my attention is this one:


This is a blog post that shows shoe prints more than 400 millions of years old, with a trilobite between them.  Footprints of humans alongside dinosaur prints. Images of the pyramids & Sphinx practically buried under the sand, and being uncovered. And forest-covered pyramids in the Balkan (I forget if it’s Bosnia or Croatia).

All sorts of “evidence” (and I’ll keep it in quotation marks because Photoshop is accessible to all) is cited in order to make a number of points.  In a nutshell:

According to the Anunnaki belief,

  • Humans pre-existed before dinosaurs, as peace-loving, tribal folk with 12 DNA strings and a low-culture that sort-of Wiccan-style fairied around under the trees (I would have to presume, the giant ferns then) and harmed none. These beings were supposedly more evolved than we are, and all they wanted was to evolve as a species.
  • Then the Anunnaki reptilian aliens came – a humanoid race of creature with serpent/dinosaur heads, and they wiped us out.
  • They came to mine Earth of gold.  (This part at least would fit in 100% with the current world politics of bloodthirsty greed, in fact it makes one wonder if the Anunnaki weren’t originally invented as a parabel and misunderstood by some poor deluded soul.)
  • They needed workers so they hybridized what was left of us (after wiping us out) to primates in order to get more willing workers.
  • We were too stupid that way so they tried again.
  • Eventually they gave up trying to make good workers out of monkey DNA, and bred some of their own DNA into ours.  (That’s where our “reptilian brain” comes from.)  Now we were clever enough to mine gold for them, but still stupid enough not to throw off the shackles of their slavery.

So the Anunnaki, in other words, purportedly created humankind.  The concept gets staved with traditional tales from every original peoples (except as far as I’m aware, Europeans – but I guess we don’t count for any original population of anything), where there are at least some feathered serpents in the pantheon.

Christians like quoting fragments of the Anunnaki “theory” as “proof” for a young-Earth theory.  Human footprints found next to dinosaur prints!

But if they were to embrace the whole Anunnaki business, they’d have to subscribe to that we, the Children of God, are bio-engineered, and a cross-breed between apes and reptilian aliens!

Where does Adam feature in this?  Does it make God a reptilian alien greedy for gold and slaves?

Would they have to revert to the pantheon of those “original” tribes and worship aliens?  Angels and ascensions…  UFO’s?  Would they have to “admit” that God is anything less than an ultimate spirit being capable of anything?  (Well I guess the Anunnaki would certainly have been capable of “anything”, but surely not in the virtuous sense!)  Could the Bible be explained away as a raging war of territory between two groups of Anunnaki aliens – the “God-faction” and the “demon-faction”?

I’m pretty pleased to have found this site, because I seem to have hit upon a gold-mine of snippets that the Young-Earthers chronically use for arguments without giving credit to the whole of that theory.  Now that I know the source of it…

… but the idea of the “original humans” that were deleted, sits skew with me.

  • I’d like to believe that Mozart’s music is a somewhat higher achievement than flitting peacefully between the trees, much as I love going “fey” at times.
  • I’d like to know how humans survived on a diet of nothing that was alive yet?  Did they fish?  Did they eat mud-hoppers and trilobites?  Where did they shelter from the terrible young-Earth storms before plants were fully established?  And if, like the site states, they lived in the warmer regions, how did they survive the heat?  Humans are sensitive to these things!  50° Celsius isn’t everyone’s beer.
  • I’d like to know how this species of miracle beings (pre-invasion) came to be on a planet with barely nothing else on it.  And if they had come “from space”, why they had thrown away all their technological knowledge.
  • I’d like to know how “we” can be descended at the same time from a race of beings that was wiped out, and be bio-engineered.
  • Most of all, 12 strings of DNA?  This is the part that every fibre in me baulks against.  Let me explain.  (Or, if this is getting too much, skip to www.pkaboo.net  and check out our fiction books. 😉  )

The problem with the 12-String DNA “Theory”

In genetics we differentiate between DNA and chromosomes.  Anyone confusing these two terms does not understand genetics and hasn’t bothered to read about it.  My topmost argument that the Anunnakists haven’t even done their most basic homework.

DNA is the long chain molecule that holds our code. The code consists of 4 “blocks” or nucleotide bases:  G, C, A and T.  (Think: “Garfield CAT”.)

A single strand of DNA is a very fragile structure. The bases are strung together by a backbone of sugar-phosphate.  In other words, it’s “base-sugar-base-sugar-base-sugar” and so on.  The sugars make up the “string” if the bases are the “beads”.

However the DNA in our genome (an expression for all our genes together, like saying “staff” instead of naming all the waitresses singly) is double-stranded.  We don’t talk about a double-“string” but a double-strand. Why?  Idk.  Jargon.  In other words, what you have is two fragile strands of DNA curling and curling around each other in an endless helix.  Together they are not so fragile.

However, this is exactly where the Anunnaki brigade falls off the boat.  There is a reason these two strands are entwined like this.  In fact if you look at them under an electron microscope, you’ll see something resembling a zipper.  The two DNA strands are bonded together by their bases and they are complementary.

A G base can bond with, and only with, one C  base* (*for more detail refer to the wiki).  And an A base can bond with, and only with, one T base.  Thus is the integrity of the code preserved.

A single G base cannot bond with more than one C base.  It has space for a little “plug” (and only one) of three hydrogen bonds.  Similarly, A and T connect with each other by two hydrogen bonds.  There isn’t space for more.  (If you remember from school chemistry, a hydrogen bond is a very weak reversible bond – think about it like a little magnet.  Now imagine thousands such weak little magnets pulling two strands together…  you get the picture.)

Where in this well-studied, 100% balanced molecule would the Anunnakists manage to insert ten more strands?

  • Alright, but… maybe they were talking about chromosomes, not DNA-strands.  After all, they talk about “Strings”.

Fine, let’s test that one too.

Firstly:  What is a chromosome?

Each of these long, fragile, double-bonded helix-shaped DNA molecules is not naked.  It is packed tightly around nucleosomes.

DNA – first level packaging: Nucleosomes

Nucleosomes curling into thicker strand.

and so the chromosome curls…

This thicker strand that already consists of a tight mash of DNA and, mostly, protein, packs up even more compact than this during cell division.

During meiotic division the chromosomes pair up and exchange material. Each chromosome has 4 “arms” (a double long arm and a double short arm) because the DNA has already been replicated for division; there is i.e. twice as much DNA in a dividing cell before it divides as in a normal cell.

Human karyotype of a trisomy 21… even one chromosome extra can cause havoc.

The karyotype of a human. (photographic images of a whole cell’s chromosomes, organized by size and type) (sorry about the image quality, I enlarged the image to try and get more detail, and indeed I can see more detail but I wish I could show you some of the karyotypes we used to analyze in the lab).  This is a female; note the two large chromosomes right at the end of the karyotype, which are the two X’s.

If you count the positions you’ll find an extra chromosome 21.  3 instead of 2.  Trisomy 21 is better known as “Down Syndrome”.  Downs come in a great variety and thankfully in today’s society a lot more can be done for them, and many even attend school.  Down and Turner syndromes (single X, but no Y either) are the most common human abnormalities.  We call them abnormalities because despite more DNA they are not superhumans but on the contrary, need a lot more love and care in daily life than a normal child. As adults they struggle, too.  My point being that more DNA does not necessarily mean a better-functioning being!

If one chromosome too many can upset the balance that badly, imagine ten extra chromosomes?  Or (as the Anunnakists would have it) ten extra for each pair, i.e. sets of 12 instead of sets of 2?

Maybe you think it’s about the balance.  Certainly, one extra chromosome in a diploid (pairs) genome is an imbalance.

Sometimes a triploid baby is born – or miscarried.  Yes.  A complete extra set.  Perhaps two sperma fertilized one ovum.

Those babies don’t even survive long, if they even make it to birth.  Most are first-term miscarriages.  The organism is completely non-functional, all biochemical processes are in a bad mess.

But perhaps it is the uneven number…  right.  Tetraploids are sometimes brought to the lab…  very rarely; usually as first-term products of miscarriage.  They don’t even survive long in the womb.  Of course one gets polyploidy a lot in cancer cells…  you want to tell me that cancer (a disease that eventually kills the “host”) is our “original” selves trying to become ourselves again?

No.  The 12-“string” DNA “theory” is the biggest yarn I’ve heard since Munchhausen.

Let’s face it:

We’re as human as it gets, and as “originally” human as it becomes.  We are of this planet – there is overwhelming evidence for that concept.  Christians have it right when they say that man was shaped of Earth – if they take it metaphorically, meaning we are part and parcel of this planet.  We are  our “higher selves”; it’s that little voice Mom tried to install that makes us feel guilty when we hurt another.  Whether or not we evolved from apes (or they “devolved” from us, or we both evolved from common ancestry) (and once again, there are overwhelming indicators pro this concept, too), right here, right now we’re as human as it gets.

Don’t live your life in fear of Anunnaki, Nibiru, Illuminati or wrathful smiting gods.  Rather fear the passage of time…

… what if there is no afterlife?  What if we only get this once?  What if this is as good as it gets, and we are as good as we get?

What would you change today if you accepted that as your belief?
…signing off



40 thoughts on “Why do Christians never talk about the Anunnaki?

  1. I DNA ken wha’ you’re on aboot, lassie! Verra technical.
    Trouble is that if one doesn’t know much about something scientific, one tends to accept the explanations and theories of people who profess such knowledge, even if they are wildly off the mark..

    • He’s a fantastic Science Fiction writer. Had a lot of people fooled (still has). He started a cult. We sometimes sit and wonder whether he started it all for fun, “haha, let’s see if anyone is gullible enough to believe THIS!” and then got caught in his own mesh and couldn’t stop.

  2. Pingback: Don Varden

    • Hi Don. I see you run a drug rehab situation.

      I’m not blogging for money so won’t really be able to advise. I do have a bit of a readership but this still surprises me because I don’t exactly stick to one topic, and still don’t really know what value they get out of my blog posts, other than mild entertainment. You’d want to ask people who blog professionally for their input on your question.

      You could of course pick a really controversial topic and post something against the trend. You’re likely to get attention then, because people will comment if they are angry enough. Then it depends on your art of diplomacy how you handle the rest. 😉

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    • If you are asking – no. No Masters Degree is ever a waste of time. There must be loads of new things to learn.

      If you mean to ask whether one should do a Masters Degree before starting to write – that’s personal preference. But for blogging you probably don’t need to be that highly qualified. 😉

  4. Pingback: Lauren Woodard

    • Ok I don’t know what the laws are in Costa Rica, but internationally the principle is that the moment you have written it (and are not actually just repeating someone else’s content), it’s yours and you can put the copyright symbol on.

      I’m not aware that one can copyright the title of a publication or book though. But what you can do is quickly buy the web domain, and that way you secure it against someone else using the same domain. The more users there are on the internet, the more difficult this gets.

      You may want to submit the first lot of material to a place that self-publishes, like Lulu etc, to secure that you can prove your copyright (if someone steals your content, you prove it’s yours by showing that you published it first).

      Also, if you need an ISBN (for books, not magazines), the best place would be to approach your national library; places like Amazon Createspace, Epub Bud and Lulu.com also sell ISBN numbers so you could buy one there too. But magazines and newsletters generally don’t get one because they are not books.

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  6. I’m with Col….

    But the graphics are pretty!
    However, what’s your view on the theory that life started here because of a meteor impact that contained alien goodies capable of kick starting life?

    • Yupyup, heard that one. In fact the pet theory in genetics UP runs that proteins and amino acids evolved on Earth, RNA came dropping in (with or without meteorite) from space and enslaved the proteins (who had their own party going already) and only then did things start happening faster.

      There are some highly “intelligent” protein particles called “prions” (how exactly they function I’ve not understood yet) that seem to make it on their own without any RNA.

      But altogether, all it does is remove the origin of life from one place to another. It happened somewhere, so actually why not right here?

    • Teddydidit, Goddidit…same thing, really, I suppose.

      I am not that up to date with FB…though my sister has just informed me ( on FB) that she s started a blog on WP.
      She’s on her way to Malawi in a week or two.
      Cool, hey!

    • Is your sis in England? I mean, when she’s not on her way to Malawi. (Bit confused – I know about your brother, the photographer, but forgot you mentioned a sister?) Well once she’s on WP, pass on the link so I can check out her blog? 😉

      I’ve got a very good friend who’s also joining WP soon – we hope.

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    • 🙂 I remember when I started online promoting my novels, back in 2008. A friend advised me to read & comment significantly on blogs and make sure I included my link in my comments. There were actual engines that helped one with this, I think I even signed up for one or two but then never did much with it because I got into genuine blogging.

      Thanks for your link.

      How to copyright a website and its contents? Ok by definition, if it’s your own creation / content, you are by rights the owner and copyright holder. The question is really how to copy-protect it, and that’s a deep question. My best answer would be not to expose content on the net that you’re not 100% comfortable with having pirated by others. The net is more about promoting and spreading content.

      There are ways in which you can find perpetrators… by search, and e.g. using Tin Eye for images… and then you can report them, there are web services for that too… but it takes a lot of time and effort, so it’s easier to make sure you’ve walled off your content on your own personal PC and only share online what you don’t mind being stolen.

  12. I have a school project for my creative writing class that requires a writing portfolio, but I have no clue how to make one. I never really understood what a portfolio was. If someone could help out, it’d be wonderful..

    • Go to the “Dashboard” of your blog and explore it thoroughly. You will find all the options there :-). I don’t know about music.

  13. Hmm, let me begin…
    There are simply stacks of little functions that web pages have that render beautifully in Chrome and Firefox, that fall apart or have to have work-arounds written for them in IE. There was a point at which I wrote two complete websites for my website, one which was default and the other that you were redirected to if you were an IE user. Simply because there was such a lot of stuff IE couldn’t do.

    Put plainly, IE is a fossil and a pain and ought to be outlawed. Besides, Google Chrome and Firefox are free, why use proprietary software if you can use freeware?

  14. Well, idk why Christians don’t talk about the Anunnaki too much. All they seem to say if they do bring them up is they are the Watchers who are fallen angels, related to Satan, and are totally evil.
    I am a Christian. I am also part Anunnaki. It’s family history.
    Anunnaki did not have lizard heads or reptilian. That is so wrong. They were angels that were not with Satan but they didn’t exactly always follow God either. Enoch tells them to pray for humans and that’s what God wanted. Satan wasn’t told to pray for humans and I doubt he ever would except maybe a spell kind of prayer in his own power to mislead humans.
    Not the whole human race is Anunnaki. RH- blood types are and some non RH- that had RH- in one of their ancestors. RH- does not have the rhesus monkey factor that would connect humans totally to earth and nothing else.
    Christians are afraid to talk about the Anunnaki. That’s the problem. They just want to deny things and accuse others of being satanists. Sometimes they say the Watchers are the sons of Seth and not even angels, but they aren’t studying the Bible very well when they say that.
    All the stuff you hear about starseeds and hybrids in our lifetime, or fairy races and half gods in old times has to do with the breeding of humans with these angels who lived on earth as humans and blended in. They had some knowledge and powers so sometimes they were taken for gods.

  15. First of all I THINK,that god created angels and that Satan took one third of the angels but the ones that didn’t go with satan stayed with god.After god created earth and humans some of the angels thought that the women of the earth were beautiful and wanted to take them as their wives so they decided to leave heaven when they were not suppose to and give life to giants making a hybrid between human and fallen angels therefore making the angels fallen angels and becoming the annunaki

  16. LIES!! the reptilians are the false prophets they are not our creators. Listen read The Book of Daniel ch11 30- that explains the end of days in the prophesized the political system infiltrated with King of the South flattery. They are the serpent from the Garden of Eden. Are true creators made Man In His Image and left Jesus on Earth is the last one to preach this prophecy to beware the lies of the serpent unfollowers who stay true will be allowed into heaven AKA Nibiru.

    The reptilians lie about being the Anunnaki or lied about who the Anunnaki were to man. I beleive Russia is connected with our true creator race. And as we see we are ran by reptilians from the south (inner earth theory – also see Atlantis) time travel evidences prove we are working or worked on a means to save ourselves or its our creators have been secretly sending those saved from here to travel back and weed out the bad seeds. (Mandella affect)

    • 🙂 Thank you for commenting! Personally, I wrote the post to ridicule the Annunaki alien theory. I think the whole thing is so far fetched it boggles the mind. I’d much rather believe that a limitless spiritual being is at the cause of our existence.

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