Anunnaki alien creators or Almighty Spirit?

Those of you who haven’t read the previous post – I don’t blame you.  It’s long and technical.  I’m glad to have it up though, because (hehe) I can refer back to it!

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version:

The “history” of the Anunnaki:

First there were perfect human beings.  They lived 400 million years back on a planet (Earth) on which the next most sophisticated creatures were molluscs that permanently smiled (trilobites).  That was because things were Good in those days.

The Perfect human beings were much advanced from who we are today; they were vibrating to an incredibly high resonance, and they had 12 DNA strings.  They spent their days being perfect, meditating under giant fern trees, wearing soled shoes (for some obscure reason), and contemplating the elevating of the species.  They did not think of individual gain, only of group gain. Per se they were happy.

Then giant feathered reptilian aliens came flying in with UFOs from the Pleiades system in search of gold.  The metal.  They needed it and somehow they didn’t have any more of it on their planet.  They found these Perfect Humans on Earth (with the split-sole shoes) and tried to enslave them for mining, and failed – because perfect beings with 12 DNA strings don’t like mining.

Enraged, the Anunnaki (for such were the lizard “gods”) utterly destroyed us.  We were annihilated; we stood no chance, because as Perfect Human Beings we of course had no weapons.

Next, the Anunnaki tried breeding our DNA against that of some primates.  Let me reiterate that this was after completely annihilating us, wiping us off the planet.

Not only did they breed us against the apes, they also reduced the number of our DNA “strings” to only two.

They devolved us; they designed us and they bio-engineered us in their labs.  They were our Creators.

But they found that we were too stupid for mining work so they tried again.  Three times they tried until they eventually lost patience and cloned their own DNA into us, hybridizing reptile to the ape to the Perfectly Annihilated Human Being.

The Anunnaki have vanished, which is why we didn’t know about them until now.  Whether they have gone back to the Pleiades or on to raid another unsuspecting Perfect Beings race, or gone underground waiting for their moment to re-emerge (a good horror always has to leave such a possibility open), we don’t know.

Do you really want to know why this is the biggest load since forever?

Then you need to ask questions.

  • How did Perfect Human Beings come to be on a prehistoric planet Earth that didn’t even have dinosaurs yet, with shoe soles?
  • And what made them leave behind (and completely forget and forfeit) their whole high technology (except for the soled shoes)?
  • A judgement call:  What’s more sophisticated – Beethoven’s music or sitting under a tree?  Ok ok, I realize I’m alone in this, guess I’m a cultural snob…
  • Why were they helpless against the Anunnaki if they had 12 strings of DNA?
  • What exactly are 12 “strings” of DNA and how do they make people superior?


DNA double-helix, consisting of 2 complementary DNA strands tightly wound around each other.


Tunnel-electron microscopy has shown the earlier models to be accurate.
Nice if one can simply go and look, and count the legs of the fly yourself…

  • If these are 2 strands, where in this did you want to insert 10 more “Strings”?


… but you can’t “aha!” lay claim to the “evidence” of soled shoes next to trilobites, and use it as an argument pro your “Young Earth” religion. If you’re going to be quoting Anunnaki evidence you’ll have to go for the whole hog…  and then we were created by raiding, greedy alien reptiles, right?  In a lab!   And Nibiru is coming to get you…



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