The one who said money can’t buy happiness…

… didn’t know where to shop.

But seriously.  Everything money can buy, you can lose again except for experiences and knowledge.

But money can solve a lot of problems.  Like for instance, whether or not you can go on holiday next end-of-term break.  Or whether your car performs or acts up.  Whether you can have your teeth fixed in time or have to prioritize it down because someone else’s teeth are more urgent.  Money very much influences practically every decision many of us make.

So the next time someone tells you “money isn’t everything”, he’s right – it isn’t everything; but look deeper.  What is he really trying to say?  Is he saying you should give your money to him (or spend it on him) because it isn’t everything?  Is he trying to keep financial secrets from you?  Where’s the money?  And who moved my cheese??

Spoiler alert:  LOL!

signing off (and going to sleep because sleep is for free)



One thought on “The one who said money can’t buy happiness…

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