Il y aura… 100 000 links

There’s a gorgeous French chanson called “Il y aura cent-mille chansons” (There shall be 100 000 songs).  I practically remember all the words still from Std 9 (a sure sign I’m getting old).

Anyway I went around checking my links today on the Net – all the places where I dropped off copies of my novels, or left little heaps of articles, or whatever.  And it occurred to me that ever since I deleted my first WordPress blog I haven’t had another “links post”.

Here they are:

“The importance of music in development” in Ezine Articles

Scribd:  “A Pirate Politician”

Author’s Den:  The Mystery of the Solar Wind  (a very high-quality, reliable service for paperback copies)

P’kaboo (of course)

Epub Bud (free download of “Donegal Trouble” – available at P’kaboo and Lulu as well but over 1000 hits on this site!)

…where else?   The original site where I uploaded the first 5 unpolished ebooks (classic novice move) was “Bookhabit”.  A sweet site; but they sold out to “Smashwords”, and as I didn’t feel that my words were smashed together, I withdrew from there. They had too many ifs and buts, too.

The amount of page views and downloads surprises me.  It seems as though out of 7 billion people (that is, 7,000,000,000,000 people) there are indeed a coupla thousand who enjoy my style.  It just shows you, there’s a little spot in the sun for each of us…  😀

From:  “The Mystery of the Solar Wind”

Federi moved ahead and into the rigging. Paean stopped. Ha! Gotcha! He was out to expose her fear of heights! The rat!

Come on now,” called the gypsy.

She stared at the wonky structure, the way it swayed slowly with the rise and fall of the swells and laughed cynically. “Kidding!”

Paean, come up! Can only see it from up here.”

Nyet!” said Paean. “Your left foot!”

The entertainer climbed back down.

You’ve never been up there, have you!”

Surprise,” Shawn said softly behind her.

No,” said Paean decisively, drawing herself up to her full, not very tall height with dignity and folding her arms. “And I’m not going to start now! Not every sailor needs to turn into a Great Ape!”

Alright, look here,” said Federi quietly, taking her by the wrist and leading her away from her brothers. “Thing is,” he started.

She stared into those dark hypnotic eyes. “You guys can quit making fun of me right now,” she suggested tightly. “What’s the point anyway?”

Not making fun of you, Paean,” said the Tzigan. He smiled mischievously. “There’s something I want to tell you,” he added under his breath. “Away from that infantile lot!”

Seconds passed. Paean weighed it up. Freezing hells! To hear his secret, she had to go up there! The gypsy’s stare was still locked with hers. Ronan was making loud coughing noises in the background. What was this?

Well, hell with Ro as well! She’d show them! To the speechless amazement of her two brothers, Paean climbed after Federi into the rigging, clinging as it swayed gently with the waves. It wasn’t so bad after all. Her eyes narrowed as she looked up determinedly and slowly clambered all the way into the Crow’s Nest.

Federi was waiting for her with a unique grin of elation.

I knew it! Knew you had it in you!” He was beaming. She grinned back at him, catching her breath. It had been interesting going up. She wasn’t going to think about going down yet. She gripped the rim of the Crow’s Nest and looked at the stars. They were tangibly close from up here.

We did it wrong,” said the gypsy, alarmed. “Oh hell! Federi forgot about lifelines! Little luv, never ever come up here without a line!”

Okay,” said Paean. “Promise. Say, what was that you wanted to tell me?”

Aw,” said Federi with a skew grin, “can’t tell you!”

Hey!” This wasn’t right! “Out with it! Fair’s fair! I’ve already paid the price!”

Federi sighed loudly and rolled his eyes.

Made a bet with your brothers that I’d get you to climb up here,” he admitted.

Aargh! I knew it! You pirate!” She attacked him, pummelling him with her small, bony fists. Federi laughed and caught her by the wrists.

Hey, look! Look up! Aren’t the stars beautiful from up here?”

She wrestled with him, trying to get him to release her. Eventually she gave up and laughed too.

Federi reached up and stretched and picked a star out of the night sky and presented it to her. She gasped. In his hand lay a tiny silver thing on a fishhook.

What’s that?”

The other half. Don’t let Ronan destroy that one too!”

She picked the little transmitter up out of his hand. “What do I do with it?”

I don’t know. Keep it. Put it on your scarf.” He smiled.

Aw, Federi!” She grinned and attached the little piece of equipment without a function to her lime-green scarf. “You’re a hopeless case! All this to win a rotten old bet? You guys woke me up for this? I’ll get you all back when you’re not watching!”

Actually that’s not it.” The Romany got serious again. “Look out there.”

A droning hum carried over across the waves. It had been there before, but Paean only noticed it now.

The Lawnmower’s coming back?”

There was a fight,” said Federi.

© Lyz Russo, 2008,

Available at P’kaboo Publishers, in paperback or ebook format.

7 thoughts on “Il y aura… 100 000 links

  1. Very handy – but here today and gone tomorrow. I rather like the sidebar for a permanent record of such links!
    A good extract for getting the spirit of the Solar Wind series – albeit without some of the exciting action.

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