I read this story in a magazine while waiting for the doc. In the meantime I’ve found 10 different variations online, but here it is:

2 young candidates for a job interview came out exactly equal.  The one was dressed in decent but not smart clothes, but could show exactly the same qualifications and a bit more experience than the other, extremely smartly dressed young man with an attitude.  The “pansy” was so cock-sure of himself that the slightly older guy started getting nervous.

Their prospective employer opened the office door and called both in.

“You’re even,” he said.  “I’ll have to put you to a test to see who has more creativity.  Make me a poem ending on ‘Timbuktu’.  You have one minute.”

The pansy without hesitation started to rhyme:

“Far across the desert sand

Trekked a lonely caravan.

Men on camels, two by two:

Destination: Timbuktu.”


The older guy thought he’d had it after that, but gave himself the full minute, and then came out with,

“Camping me and Tim awent

Met three ladies in a tent.

Them being three and us being two,

I bucked one and Timbuktu.”

…he got the job.




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