Karma is a liquid

If there is such a thing as Karma, it must be a liquid.  Because like the sea it can withdraw in an ebb and hit back in a flow. It can build a storm or be so calm not a single crest forms.

2010 saw a hectic Karmic storm in our family, with one thing after the other going down the tubes.  When hubbs’ car was stolen this year in March I should have seen the writing…

One ducks and hopes that from one tidal storm to the next one has sort-of learnt to swim.  I hope it doesn’t get worse.

Then again maybe there is no Karma, just Life.  “The Wheel Turns” is missing two critical words:  “At Random.”

But then Life, too, is a liquid.  Blah, my philosophy button is jamming.

(vanishing into thin air)


(which proves that gipsika is a gas – all smoke, not even mirrors)


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