Municipality plays God – 4 children die in fire. Quo vadis SA??

This is a tragic example of what a horror South Africa is turning into due to callousness and gross incompetence.

The real hero in the story is the man who pulled young Adri out of the window, and alerted the fire brigade.

The Municipality:  FAIL!

The municipality clerk:  FAIL!!!

The fire brigade:  Fail, fail, FAIL!!!!!

Please, if someone knows how to contact “Good Morning Angels” to help alleviate the plight of the parents and the surviving children, do contact them a.s.a.p.  Also, if someone knows how to contact BBC News…  because Randfontein Municipality ought to be up for manslaughter.  Especially due to their inept fire brigade!

Reblogged from “Les Comptes”, Letterdash:

NatalieSky’s blog post alerted me to this, she begs any and all of you to contact Good Morning Angels if you can, to help this stricken family.  Read her post, it’s unbelievable!  But it doesn’t even include this piece of prime South Africa here…

Thanks, Randfontein Municipality!

Cuts off a family’s power (removes their fuse box!) for only partially paying electricity bill though they are technically eligible for social help in any civilised country on Earth.

Fails to kill the fire that results from a candle, by means of a non-functional fire brigade!  “They returned half an hour later but the house had burned down…”  wow!

IOL News, 7 hrs back:

June 5 2012 at 08:35am

Comment on this story

iol news pic fire brigade june 5INDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERSFile picture

Three children from Randfontein burnt to death on Sunday night after their house caught fire and a local fire engine did not have enough water to extinguish the blaze, it was reported on Tuesday.

The Beeld reported that Salome Jordaan, 11, Tanya Jordaan, 4, and Armand Jordaan, 3, died in the blaze, and their 14-year-old sister Adri, was seriously injured.

Kallie Hoffman, who lived in an outbuilding on the property, told the newspaper that emergency services took an hour to arrive at the scene.

Franz Olckers, a family friend, said they left after a few minutes to go and get more water at a local shopping centre.

The fire brigade returned half an hour later, but the house had burned down.

“Apart from the fact that the fire engine did not have enough water, it looked to me as if their pipes were full of holes – water was squirting through the sides of the pipes like fountains,” he said.

Neighbours said the Randfontein municipality had removed the family’s fuse box around two weeks ago, and that they had been using candles, one of which had presumably fallen over and caused the blaze. – Sapa

Beeld report:

Ügen Vos

’n Randfonteinse pa moes die naweek self die verkoolde beendere van sy kinders in sy afgebrande huis optel en lykhuis toe neem.

Hy het vroeër met sy erg beseerde tienerdogter hospitaal toe gejaag.

Drie kinders is dood in die brand wat vroegoggend uitgebreek en die huis in puin gelê het.

Jaco Jordaan (34), eienaar van ’n motorwerkwinkel in Randfontein, en sy vrou, Suzie, deel glo al ’n geruime tyd hul woning met sy voormalige vrou, Nicolene, en haar huidige man, Tommy Dickson.

Al vier die volwassenes en ses van hul kinders het Sondag in dié huis geslaap toe ’n brand omstreeks 05:00 uitgebreek het.

Salome Jordaan (11), Tanya Jordaan, wat volgende week vyf sou word, en Armand Dickson (3) het in die vlamme omgekom. Jacques Jordaan (3) en Thomas Dickson (9 maande) het oorleef.

Kallie Hoffman, ’n motorwerktuigkundige wat vir Jordaan werk en in ’n buitekamer op die erf woon, vertel hy het vroegoggend van die 14-jarige Adri Jordaan se hulpkrete wakker geword.

Hy het na haar kamervenster gehardloop, die diefwering losgeruk en haar uit die brandende kamer gepluk. Sy is in ’n kritieke toestand in die Leratong-hospitaal opgeneem.

Frans Olckers (44), ’n familievriend, het gistermiddag gesê sy is uiters kritiek, maar “daar is altyd hoop en ek glo vas sy het wel ’n kans op herstel.

“Gisteraand was daar geen hoop nie en vandag funksioneer al haar organe normaal.”

Die nooddienste het glo eers sowat ’n uur later by die toneel opgedaag.

Salome Jordaan (11)

Tanya Jordaan (5)

Armand Dickson (2)


UPDATE:  on the 6th of June Adri Jordaan, the 14-year-old who was pulled from the flames, died in hospital from first-degree burns and their effects.

I can’t find a pic of her, she ought to be up here with her sibbies. 😦  Poor, poor family.

11 thoughts on “Municipality plays God – 4 children die in fire. Quo vadis SA??

    • “Your Honour, nobody told us that we need to check the fire hoses sometimes and keep the tank full. There is never a fire here in Randfontein!”

  1. This is becoming the rule and not the exception in almost all municipalities. But God forbid our ministers aren’t escourted in blue light brigades that cost tens of thousands or rands. That money could be used for so much good in the country but a greedy few will make sure that never happens.

  2. Bid asb saam:Adri Jordaan wat saam in Kocksoord brand was is so paar minute terug oorlede!Oeeee,bid saam vir hierdie Familie asb!

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