Cub Fun Day, Pink’s Food Quiz and concerts.

The kids are away at a place doerrr annerkant (*translation: “far, far awayyyy”*) doing Experilab things with Cubs.

How to freak an overprotective mom:  Make me sign the indemnity form (“I give permission that, should the need arise, my child can be given medication, anaesthetics or be operated” – freeeek, and sign), then tell me that the outing is for the cubs only and parents should not hang around.  I also know that in one of the previous camps, the cubs did a bridge swing.  That’s just 2 steps away from bungee jumping.  This is where we get our grey hair…  at any rate Sunny Boy let me know that it was Experilab.  Ah.  So they can’t fall off a cliff, they can only blow the place up.  That’s a relief then.

Pink Polkadot, one of my blogbuddies from Letterdash, posts a Food Quiz every Friday.  Now cooking is not my best subject, but I do fancy myself well-read and will give it a bash.

1. What is a rendang?

It’s a bulbous vegetable commonly used in soups.  Can also be used to batter (“tenderise”) the steak if you can’t find your meat hammer.

2. What does “to butterfly” means?

Requirements:  A glass of white wine, a cellphone, an upcoming party for which you are preparing.  Sip the glass of wine while chatting on the phone to your best friend while swanning around the kitchen trying to remember where the pink serviettes are and what you forgot to put into the quiche.

3. What is meadowsweet and what is it used for?

In the same line, instead of white wine you can use meadowsweet which is wine made of marigolds.  It helps to be a bit of a fairy for this as not everyone likes the meadowsweet taste of the flower wine.

4. What does Mulligatawny means?

It’s a town, not too far from Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania. While in Punxsutawney they celebrate Groundhog Day, in Mulligatawny they hold hair-raising pudding-eating contests.  Pie flings also originate in this small town, which is furthermore quite well-known (locally, in it’s 5-mile radius) for its mulled wine in Winter.  (*remind me to post Hot toddy and Feuerzangenbohle.*)

5. What does the term “coats a spoon” means?

If you pour Medigel (or Gaviscon, but Medigel does it better) onto a spoon, even after you’ve swallowed it (the medicine, not the spoon), the Medigel leaves a plasticky layer that coats the spoon.  It takes significant willpower to get it washed off.

6. What is “Ouefs en Meurette”?

Oeufs are eggs.  Meurette was a lady in Paris who would burst into tears every time she didn’t get her will.  She had such a bad temper that she was known to throw things at people if they angered her.  Oeufs en Meurette is in other words the French version for “egg on your face”.

7. What are the main ingredients of paneer?

Corn flour and violence.

8. What is the name of Nepal’s most favourite dish?

Apricot pips. They call it “Persipan” (as opposed to marzipan from almond pips).  They eat a lot of those, which contain CN (cyanide) in tiny amounts, which in turn stimulates the body to produce a lot of red blood cells in reaction, because CN has the same preferential binding effect to haemoglobin as carbon monoxide.  In small amounts it causes the body to overreact and produce more haeamoglobin.  The result is that they breathe more easily in those extreme heights.  It has been measured that the haemoglobin levels of the Nepalese compare with those of dolphins.

9. What is the main ingredient of Chaas?

Cheese, but the Dutch kind.

10. What do gazpacho, bouillabaisse and bisque have in common?




Tomorrow we play a “practice run” of the Brahms, in a house concert with an extremely limited audience.  On the 9th hubbs & I play at a venue close to Harties, gypsy, tangos and similar; and on the 17th (Father’s Day) the ensemble plays the Brahms again, at the German School.

Let me know if you want to be invited!





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