Editrix?? Doctrix, authrix, commentatrix…

(This is beginning to sound like Asterix?)

(“O ye” reminds me strongly of the German, “oh jeh!” which loosely translates to “oy vey”.) This is another gerstickler debacle.

I came across someone who calls herself an “editrix”.  Editrix?

This throws me back to a discussion about the concept of a “female gladiator” (as advertised on our soon-to-be-released short-novel, “LUPA” by Marie Marshall).

There was some question as to whether there is such a concept as a “female gladiator”. Female of victor is victrix; female of gladiator is gladiatrix.  Saying “female gladiator” would more or less be like saying, “female stallion”.

On touching back with the auth(rix) of the novel, it turns out that “gladiatrix” was first coined in Victorian England… nearly two millennia after the setting of the novel’s plot. Gladiatrices were unheard of in ancient Rome. So unheard of that no word for them existed; regardless that there were in fact one or two.

While “gladiatrix” is in fact a legit word and the debate made a lot of sense, I’m not so sure about “editrix”. Is this not taking the feminisation of language too far? Do we need to refer to female doctors as “doctrix”, and female commentators as “commentatrix?” How many trix can one get up to? To take this further, what about a female electrician? An “electricienne”? An engineer becomes an “enginesse”? A female scriptwriter would be a “scriptwritress”? Or, to be politically correct, would we have to refer to “doctrons”, “authrons”, “electricons” (LOL that is not a reference to being overcharged) and “teachrons”?

There’s a gypsy violin piece called “Invitation to dance”. Well, this is! LOL 😀


10 thoughts on “Editrix?? Doctrix, authrix, commentatrix…

  1. I like this! But I wonder why we have to define occupations in terms of gender – especially when there is no established term which is commonly used. The fuss made over whether it should be chairman/chairwoman/chair… !!

    • LOL “I address the chair” (bring on the white coats).
      Another ultimately funny one is “waitron”. One sees a little robot with a tray in one’s mind’s eye…
      A very young waitron would be a waitrino?

      Totally agree with you it’s over-politicized. I’m an author and proud of it, that doesn’t make me a man any more than being a doctor makes my sister-in-law male.

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