In search of the Perfect Wave

To create the cover of Solar Wind 3, “Freedom Fighter”, I needed a wave…

I’m not a surfer, although I watch the surf competitions wherever I can (on TV because we’re not in that part of the country) and even surf the net 😉 to watch Mavericks on Google.

But somehow, taking pictures of waves from the shore…

it  doesn’t work because the angle is wrong.

THIS is more what I had in mind; they just don’t get that big in Amanzimtoti.

My own efforts at cover design looked rather home-made…

… but I like the little guy sitting on the bowsprit, unconcerned about the freak wave the ship is driving into.  😉

The other hitch (the main problem, I think) was that the image was too small to give proper resolution.

However by now the cover has been done professionally:

“Freedom Fighter” has been waiting for its release since last year.  The time is nigh…

“Keep an eye on them, Federi!”

Captain Rushka Donegal on the bridge! But the young girl doesn’t feel up to running a ship full of unruly young crew. And then they come across disaster … So it falls to Federi to pick up the pieces while his Captain is not aboard. And while he rolls his dramatic eyes and gets things done, his little firecat arms up and signs on for the Fight for Freedom…

pirate politics

(Excerpt:  Hiva Poca Pica)

Half an hour later they found the base and hid in the ferns outside,
observing its entrance. The entrance was a cave mouth. The base was set
in the mountainside, at the foot of a ravine. An underfed waterfall failed to
hide the entrance to the cave. But it did make enough noise that they
couldn’t hear what was being spoken in the base.

Several UFO’s were partially visible from their vantage point.
Federi gazed appreciatively at those jets. They had to be so versatile, to
be able to leave the base through that cave entrance! There was no runway
to be seen. And those jets flew high up; so high that there wasn’t even a
thunderclap from the breach of the sound barrier.

Sound barrier? He was privately convinced that they broke the light
barrier, too!

He glanced at the crates that quite clearly contained explosive. Some or
other liquid. Surely the Sanchos hadn’t blasted that crater into Honolulu
using simple old nitroglycerin? No – surely not. He went over what he
knew about explosives. If they could load enough of that stuff into the
jets… no. There had only been one jet towards Honolulu. This liquid was
something else.

And the people moving around the base, loading more crates into more

His teeth on edge, the Tzigan reached for a tiny bead from his bandana,
fished a small slingshot – a child’s plaything, something he’d been
meaning to give to Shawn but changed his mind about – out of his pocket.
These slingshots were dangerous! Shouldn’t allow children to play with

His Captain held out his hand. Federi handed the bead over, and
Radomir Lascek looked at it and gave it back with a grin.

“Wolf’s design?” he mouthed.

“Prototype,” replied Federi. And activated the bead, loaded it into the
slingshot, and shot.

The tiny bead rolled in under a pile of crates of explosive, and
disappeared from view.

“Run,” said Federi, got up and legged it away from that place of bad
luck, his Captain on his heels.

It had taken them about half an hour to find the base. It took them five
minutes to return to the beach and dive into the Harrier’s cockpit, yank the
hatch closed and start the engines. Federi punched a few buttons that
weren’t in the usual symphony of lift-off. The facilitated Harrier drives
kicked into action faster than they would have, and the machine leaped
into the air. And was violently blown sideways and up by the blast.
Federi struggled to control the craft in the turbulences caused by the huge
explosion. The machine spun and tumbled. He clung to the yoke,
muttering ancient gypsy incantations for protection. And then they were
out of the thick smoke and turbulences and flying shrapnel, and he saw to
his relief that the explosion had catapulted them far upwards. This bought
him a few seconds.

He brought the plane back down and circled the island. The mountain
had been blown apart by the Sancho explosive that had probably been
meant for twenty world capitals. And a huge plume of dust and ash was
ejected from the mountain, and rivulets of lava were running across the
island. A fissure had opened. And the island was a lot flatter, and was
slowly sinking away.

Federi and Radomir Lascek watched this island, Hiva Poca Pica, sink
away back under the sea, raising huge plumes of chloric acid where the
lava connected with the sea water.

“Rats,” said Federi softly. “Sorry about the beautiful island!”

((C) copyright Lyz Russo, 2011)


6 thoughts on “In search of the Perfect Wave

    • 🙂 Will do. I’m also making them all available as ebooks. The first one has a free “intro” – “Donegal Trouble” is a taster of the Solar Wind 1. Feel free to download! 😉
      Btw are you in Joburg? Would you like an invite to the launch of “Freedom Fighter”?

    • Nope, no downloads – I want the books – still mighty old fashioned that way…Some books are for download, others not 😉
      I’m in Pta, but if I have petro in the car – no problem to travel 😉

    • Hmm. How did I get the idea you’re in Joeis? Maybe because of Douglas’s book… I’m in Pretoria too. We’re a far-flung crowd, us P’kaboolians. One of my authors whom I’m going to be launching very soon too, is in Scotland.

      Funnily I also prefer a proper paperback book. The Solar Winds have matt lamination on their covers because I love the feel of it on my fingertips.

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