Impressed and nicely “whelmed” by new Ubuntu (Linux)

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Those of you who have been following my Ubuntu posts will recall my recent frustration with the actual programs, and program installation procedures.

Well, no sooner had I blogged, than Ubuntu heard me and released their 12.04 “Precise Pangolin”.  (LOL I have no idea about those animal names.  It must be from the “GNU”.)

Firstly:  Your user interface is a lot easier.  (But I suspect something was broken on my version of xubuntu, and that was causing some of the trouble.)

Secondly, a little information goes a long way.  I was informed at the Linux conference (as my brother had undoubtedly done back in September, but all that went whoosh) that you do not go the long route, google a program you want and then try to install.  You click on the Ubuntu Software Centre on your “startup” menu.

The thing is beautifully organized.  (Windows doesn’t even have one, because there are no free-ware programs Windows wants to offer you.)  You look for the field you want to explore; from graphics to web development to layout and publishing, it is organized into categories.  You double-click and the Software Centre finds you a list of (thousands, literally) of programs relevant to you.  You can even pick whether you only wantto browse Ubuntu-specific freeware, general freeware or programs for purchase.

Each program has a name, a description, a rating, and if you click on “more”, added information.  You can see by the ratings not only how well the program is rated but how many ratings it has; therefore you’d maybe trust a program more that has 37 four-and-a-half-star ratings than one that has two 5-star ratings.

The programs themselves tend to be lightweight, they don’t cost all too many megabytes (relevant here in SA; elsewhere in the world this is a completely moot point).

You select programs you want to install, and click “install”, and then you wait.  If your internet connection is alright, this should at most take a few minutes. In most cases you don’t even have to click through an install wizard like in Windows; all you do is look the program up in your “start” menu and you’ll find it installed in the right spot.

They are also upgrading programs at a beautiful rate. Many open-source programs can deal with the new formats of Windows programs now.  No fuss, no mess, no crashes and no virus.

Yay for Open Source!  I’m surprised the stats don’t yet show an absolute stampede.





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