Fatigue (2)

After putting one foot in front of the next for a while and getting the Studio Concert out of the way one goal at a time (usually I love studio concerts but somehow organizing this one was stressful – but the results were good), I realized that I felt loads better. So I’d suggest a next tip (next to taking your vitamins):


TIP 2:  Find out what is causing you stress and confront it head-on.


Your fatigue may be a psychological mechanism to hide away from what is worrying you or coming your way.  If you are like me, you start feeling very tired as terrible deadlines or exams approach.  Stress can cause tiredness by depleting your system.  Some of it is simply the drain of stress; and some is poor coping habits, too much coffee, if you’re a smoker maybe too many smokes, both of which deplete your body of vitamin C; both (and a third bad habit, comfort food) cause energy spikes and subsequent crashes.  You can do some exercise and it might help (or it might make you physically tired, depending on your body setup); drink lots of water; but none of this will really help until you’ve tackled what is stressing you, and brought it to its knees.


Have a super week!






8 thoughts on “Fatigue (2)

  1. I seem to be more unfocussed than tired.
    Can’t seem to get myself to do anything that should be done.
    Hopefully I’ll find an actual job and then the tiredness will just disappear 😉

    • Hi 68ghia. That fatigue in your case is probably despondency. I hope you find something suitable soon. Otherwise consider making things for flea markets? I have a friend who made wire puppets (those fluffy birds that walk around etc), and financed several truly exotic trips to forn lands from her fleamarketing.

  2. i tend to struggle to cope with unpalatable tasks because my body betrays me by feigning exhaustion *just* to avoid doing what needs to be done.
    also – you’re a computer whiz? i get exhausted just uploading posts on here, i’m *that* much of an IT idiot! lol.
    case in point – i can’t out badges/widgets on my blog cos i simply have no idea how! the whole copy/paste thing just won’t work for me!

    • 🙂 I’m not a computer whiz in any way. I just click my way forward through help files and ask friends… it took me a while to figure out badges.

      -> Go to your dashboard.
      -> Look in “Appearance”, choose “Widgets”.
      -> In the list of widgets, pick “image”.
      It seems to give one the option of linking the image through to wherever you want it to link to.

      Hope this helps?

  3. AHA! now I have discovered who you are. Really! people who change their blognames don’t get any points for confusing me, and that’s because it is so easy to do!

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