Not a terribly long post…  I’m hoping to pick up more tips as I move along on this road of chronic fatigue.  (I think when we were kids it was called “yuppie flu” but I doubt any coxsakkie virus – or however you spell the beast – is malingering around in my brain.)

TIP 1 (for self-employed and other people relying on own initiative):

Set 1 goal at a time.  Just 1.

This will not help you overcome fatigue; but at least while you are going through your daze (rather than days) you’ll keep the most important things on track.  You will take longer and everyone will be sour with you but at least you’ll get it done.


5 thoughts on “Fatigue

    • 🙂 Funnily the fatigue disappeared after the concert. I think it may have been stress.

  1. listen carefully to you (feeling in mind and body both together) not for navel gazing but because you are a ‘barometer’ to then tell yourself what context you are in. After a while you will have a sense about how some things send you on the way down, others even when you would think you would be tired are actually heading up (eg concert!). If one of the helpful ones OK, but if you are on the way down look again, why here, now? Fatigue is really hard because it is not always rest that solves it. You do not have to do anything – the next step to take (get going or lie fallow whatever) usually arrives. Don’t knock yourself, know yourself, good luck

    • 100%! The second someone says, “I’ve booked a sea holiday for all of us, are you coming along?” fatigue is blown away! 😉
      Thanks for comment.

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