The New Year’s Game

I’d better post this fast while I can still remember…


Every year just before 24h, 31 December, we gather in our livingroom, light the candles on the tree, put the fire extinquisher nice and close and play this game.

It works even better amongst drinking buddies I’m sure but it does us quite nicely as a fam.

Round 1:  We all (round the turn) state what we liked about the year gone by.  This round can go round various times.

Round 2:  We all list achievements.  In a circle of losers this step can be omitted.

Round 3:  We all say why we’re glad to see the back(side) of the old year.

Round 4:  We state what we’re looking forward to in the new year.

Round 5: We state what we’re setting out to achieve (once again an optional step if you only aim to improve your drinking records).

Round 6:  We welcome the new year and toast (and light sparkler candles, which I couldn’t find this year, and go look at the amazing fireworks over the lesser parts of the city.)

Happy New Year.







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