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Updates on launches, new books, new authors, and new developments

New Free Downloads!
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Donegal Trouble
The Family Pool
Pirate Politics
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New Books
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Donegal Trouble (free ebook)

Not Another Scale Book!

Forest Circle Quest

Freedom Fighter
General News
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2011: A Year of Firsts
Participate in the P’kaboo Blog
Upgrades to the Website
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New Free Downloads

We have been busy and now have several uploads available at our “freestuff” page (click here), including a new short-story, a complete young e-book, a prologue out of a book that is due to be released, if all goes well, early next year; and the fun things that were already available before. 

You too can submit stories, poems, games or even tunes for P’kaboo to upload to the “freestuff” page. It is a simple procedure involving an email submission (all correspondence treated strictly confidentially). 

Click here to find out more.

Donegal Trouble
Donegal Trouble: Free Ebook (click here to download)

What did the formidable pirate, Captain Radomir Lascek, think he was doing when he hired three young musicians who called themselves the “Donegal Troubles”?
The Family Pool
The Family Pool: E-Shortbook (24 pages – click here to download)

Mary Adams has married into wealth. Over time she discovers the sinister secrets behind the money…
Pirate Politics
Pirate Politics (excerpt – click here to download)

Pirate Radomir Lascek has had enough of the Unicate. Oh yes, there is a conspiracy… and Lascek is it!

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New Books

While we released four new books earlier this year, we had three more on our list… 

The four books released earlier, between December 2010 and October this year, were:


Click here to see the page of books which we were planning to release this year. 

Two further books made it into the shop in the nick of time:

Not Another Scale Book!
Not Another Scale Book! by concert violinist Alan Solomon
(click here to view)

An essential guide book through violin scales, arpeggios and various other techniques, starting at the basics and continuing through to advanced and professional levels. Ingeniously conceptualized from the anatomy of the violinist, rather than through theory. A must-have for every serious player.
Donegal Trouble

Donegal Trouble: Free Ebook – a part of the Solar Wind series (click here to download)
Our very first ebook – presented here as a pdf file; we are still working on the other ebook formats and will publish them as it becomes more relevant.

And books that are due early next year: 
Two more of our books will be launched in the earlier months of 2012.
Forest Circle Quest
Forest Circle Questby Leslie Hyla Winton Noble(click here to view)

The pudgy Parker-Pyle “Twins” are in for a surprise when they find themselves on a dangerous quest into the Magic Circle realms. A delightful read for anyone who fancies dragons and surprises.
Freedom Fighter

The Solar Wind III: Freedom Fighter (click here to preview)
“Keep an eye on them, Federi!” 

Captain Radomir Lascek is implementing his Grand Master Plan. For this he cannot be aboard. So he puts his daughter Rushka in charge of the Solar Wind. And while Federi rolls his dramatic eyes and takes care of everything, Paean Donegal arms up and signs on for the Fight for Freedom…

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2011 – A Year of Firsts

It was an interesting year. While in 2010 P’kaboo grew from one to 5 and, right at the end of the year, 7 titles, we did several things for the first time in 2011.

    • We launched our first external author.

    • We battled our first debtors 🙂 (and won).

    • We published our first republication of a previously published book!

    • We published our first American author!

    • We found our first distribution agent.

    • We brought out our first ebook.

One could say it was a good year.

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Participate in the P’kaboo blog!

P’kaboo is calling all our authors to participate in the P’kaboo blog. The blog is truly interactive; this means that not only can anyone comment, but you can apply for co-authorship. This means that if you qualify (i.e. if you are a P’kaboo author or prospective author, editor, reviewer or wish to post a review for any of our books) you can add blog posts into the official blog of P’kaboo. 

Click here to view the P’kaboo Blog. 
(As you see it is crying out for your contributions!)

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Past and Future Events

    1. Recap

      In 2011 we had three launches of new novels; one mass-launch of all our current books, in Durban; and several promotional events from musical mornings at Ebooks Etc., to booksignings at the Karoo Cafe, and even a birthday party for P’kaboo at a hall in Rodericks’ Street, with music and stalls and the involvement of 13th St Patricks’ Scout Troupe (with thanks). 

  • Planned for 2012:
    • Launch of “Forest Circle Quest”
    • Launch of “Not Another Scale Book!”, possibly at a musical venue
    • Launch of “Freedom Fighter” (The Solar Wind III)

These events can only be planned one by one; there are several more that are currently in the stars, but such a lot of work still needs to be done on those projects that their launch dates are not yet predictable. Keep watching this space.

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The P’kaboo Site

Much work was done on the P’kaboo website in this past year. Some of the nicest upgrades include:

  • Making normal postal delivery with tracking number free in South Africa
  • Adding a lot of goodies into Freestuff
  • Adding a blog
  • We now have 12 downloads (which includes some of our book previews)
  • Feedback link in the bookshop
  • Facebook and Twitter buttons so that people can “like” us

We tried a guestbook but had to remove it very quickly before we drowned in free advertising from companies that have nothing whatsoever to do with books. And while the mailing list is up and running, we shall need some time before we can start emailing on a regular basis.

Click here to send us feedback by email. 

Have a very happy last end of 2011 and a promising start into 2012. Here’s hoping that next year will simply be fantastic.

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