P’kaboo Book Club will start a bit late tomorrow.

Hi to my blogpals and all who come to visit in the Book Club on a Monday night.

Apologies, due to me having extra lessons to give tomorrow night, I can only jump in there at 21h.  Please feel free to chat before that, I’ll throw out a topic.

Also please remember the 29th of November, 10h am, there is a book sale (OUR books) at the Glenstantia Library.  Want to stop by for a chat?  Please do!


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The Fairy Market on Sunday

I was waiting for the pictures to be developed & scanned before posting this.


Our stand: In the garden (Kitten and Moon Flower by Robin Shea)


Our book stand indoors



Some of the goodies there

Some more goodies

Some more goodies



The Fairy Room





More fairies

More fairies

More Fairies

More Fairies


Fairies at work (the stand right next to ours, btw)







Fairy Amelda from “Fairy Folk” Party services.

Most of the patrons were either elderly (coming for the charity stand right at the entrance that sells 2nd-hand goods at throw-away prices and donates all its takings to a needy school in Mamelodi), or kiddies of the quite young persuasion.


And lastly so you can hear them, too:  Here’s something to listen to.  (Sorry, the link will take you to Youtube.)




Fairy Folk Market, Murray Street

For the last several years I have been taking the children to visit the Fairy Folk Christmas Market every year.

The market happens in early November for a single weekend, inside a house with an exquisite garden.  Stalls display anything from second-hand knick-knacks, precious jewellery and amazing glass art beads, hand-made and not-so-handmade stylish Christmas decorations; second-hand books, clothes, there are activities for the children (last year there was face painting and sand painting), and the place is looked after by Fairy Folk.

There is a lovely tea garden which gets very busy, in a corner under a lapa.  And in the house, except for tables upon tables of Christmas gifts, gift ideas, delicacies and deco, there is an entire room dedicated to children, fairy tales, fairy dust, costumes, colouring books and toys, etc.

This year I’m going to be one of the stall holders, displaying P’kaboo’s reads and our music. If the weather holds, I’ll be outside; otherwise inside, at  the entrance to the fairy room.


We have more to put on that stand by now.


I have pictures of the Fairy Folk fair last year, but I can’t find them!  Would love to give you a glimpse into their magical garden.




From My Cold, Undead Hand, and Freedom Fighter, reviewed

Nikki Mason of Bestchicklit has reviewed two of our recent novels.  Posted here are short excerpts from the reviews, but to read the full reviews please follow the links.

The first one is our youngest release, teen vampire fiction by Marie Marshall:

From My Cold Undead Hand – Marie Marshall

 October 17, 2014    Book Reviews  0
My Cold Undead Hand[...]
What we say – review by Nikki Mason:
What impressed me most about this book was that it was a vampire novel where vampires were unequivocally the bad guys. All the evil things you ever read about vampires from I Am Legend or Dracula come back to the fore in Marie Marshall’s novel, with no romanticism and no sexuality – just brutal, dead killers.
Chevonne is more than just a normal American teenager. She fights for a group called The Resistance, who aim to rid the world of ‘vamps’. But the undead seem to be [...]

Read more here.

The other book that got a review has been around a little longer:  The third in the Solar Wind series, by Lyz Russo:


Freedom Fighter: Solar Wind III – Lyz Russo

 October 20, 2014    Book Reviews  0
Freedom fighter


What we say – review by Nikki Mason:
Ready for another complex, piratical adventure? Good! Because Freedom Fighter is just as delicious as Lyz Russo’s two previous novels in The Solar Wind Series.
This is the third Solar Wind book I’ve read and I’ve loved each one more and more to the point where now I’m desperate to have questions answered and I’m missing the characters not being part of my life…Oh, alright, I’m missing not being on board a pirate ship in my imagination!
But this series is becoming progressively darker and more mysterious  [...]

Read more at this link.


About the reviewer:

Nikki Mason, 
 “A chatty reading nut, amateur actress and hit-and-miss baker is our Nikki. She can’t remember a time when she didn’t love books and the memory of her six-year-old self being read The Hobbit by her dad will always have a special place in her heart. Give Nikki a gothic Victorian novel or ask her to quote anything by the Brontës and she’ll be in heaven. What does she love about being a book reviewer . . . “Getting to read things you wouldn’t choose otherwise. I also love reading while I’m having my breakfast and knowing that however badly the rest of the day goes, at least it started productively and with something I love doing! It’s my dream job!”