Updates, RELEASE dates and fresh dates from Woollies

First of all I need to apologize about the lie in the heading.  There are unfortunately no fresh Woollies dates on sale at P’kaboo.

P’kaboo:  Release of “From my Cold Undead Hand” imminent

FMCUH bookseeker imageOn the 15th of September, ebook copies will be available for the first time from the P’kaboo shop, of the brand new vampire-fiction novel by Marie Marshall, “From My Cold Undead Hand”.

grinI’m still pretty chuffed about the way this author, with her exciting and fast-moving style, responded to my “vampire challenge” with a novel that will leave you checking under your bed at night.  That is, if you’re brave.  Otherwise it might take some rescue remedy to get you off to sleep – plus a night light and a handgun loaded with a silver b…  wait, that’s werewolves.

Did I mention that the ebook is available for pre-orders?

Please note:  The ebook is available for pre-orders on the P’kaboo Bookshop site.  Pre-ordering will mean you receive your copy as soon as the ebook is released.  

There is also a surprise waiting for the first 25 copies ordered.  

Read more about this book here.



Honeymead Books:


The inimitable Douglas Pearce.  We meet again, with his second novel published by Honeymead Books:

The Pourne Identity.

If John Pernelli believed in doppelgangers he might well have had second thoughts about boarding British Airways flight 226 from La Guardia airport. Mind you, even if he had had a last minute change of heart, it is doubtful whether the two grey-suited men in dark glasses sitting either side of him in first class would have allowed him not to board. 

If you enjoyed “Almost Dead In Suburbia”, get ready for an even faster, funnier and more confusing trip, this one taking you into France, to meet with secret police, fat-cat politicians, and…  aliens…

Some people have compared Douglas Pearce’s style to that of Terry Pratchett.  Personally, it reminds me more of Douglas Adams, in its way-out ideas and fast execution of the same.

They say laughter is good for your health.  Do yourself a favour and get a copy of this vitamin D.  You will not regret it.

For a limited time, all ebooks on Honeymead Books will be priced at $2.99 to fit your pocket.  

Talking of challenges, Pearce is right now working on a book that will be a little bit – on the juicier side, if you like.  It too started with a challenge.

Honeymead is ideal to represent books such as his:  Rebellious political viewpoints, highlighting the thorns on religious rosebushes, and thoroughly challenging your view on reality evolutionsmileywithout the author having to look over his shoulder to see if any parents are offended every time he wants to write “merde! Le cochon a croupi dans la boue!”.   (P’kaboo would never allow his piggies to get away with that kind of wallowing. )

winkWe are considering restricting Honeymead to readers who can prove that they are not currently raising, or involved in raising, children (own or otherwise).  This will rule out parents, teachers, sports coaches, child psychologists and occupational therapists, and in short, everyone involved in any way in the under-16 industries.

P’kaboo:  Mercury Silver


For a limited time we are making FREE EBOOK COPIES of the short-story collection “Mercury Silver” available on P’kaboo.  They are free right now.

8 authors contributed wildly varying shortstories to “Mercury Silver” which was named after the Roman messenger of the Gods, winged Mercury, who is the patron god of writers, poets, merchants and…  thieves.  (Yeah.  Well.  Those Romans are crazy.)

These stories are a very good combination for readers who love a varied diet.  Explore, experience!  Enjoy a stress-free Saturday afternoon.


The Case for the Waterproof Kindle

R.I.P. Robin Williams

My heart is broken.  Robin Williams is gone.  R.I.P gentle soul!


This follows shortly on another suicide who was a friend of mine.  She too was an immensely versatile actress, with the difference that I’d known her from school days…

Idk.  I don’t understand it anymore.   Is life on this planet that terrible?  When that darkest hour hits, don’t you people run through lists in your mind of people who will really genuinely miss you?  What is that thing that makes someone respond to that little voice that objects, “but [...] (fill in blank) is going to go to pieces if I do this”, with a cold “I don’t care”?

I don’t have words for my school friend, except that I really really hope her next spin on this planet (or whichever planet she is sent to) will be better.  But Robin Williams:

Don’t you remember?  You were Chris Neilson, in “What Dreams May Come”, who went all the way to Hell to find and rescue his wife who had committed suicide, and bring her back.


Quo Vadis Scribd? (Rant alert)

depressed fairy

Oh my oh my oh my! Scribd’s web stats have been taken over by preschoolers.

I’ll say it straight:

Scribd is one of my favourite platforms.

They (similar to Epub Bud, and unlike Author’s Den) don’t place limitations on how much you can publish.  (Author’s Den wants money.  With Epub, you can basically upload complete books – not really suitable for short pieces.)

They have an option (though I haven’t found it working for me) to sell books online via their shop.

They (better than Epub Bud ) have an extremely versatile platform that allows you to gather followers, you have a public profile where all your uploads are conveniently together, they have a stepwise indicator to show you how discoverable your uploads are, etc.

And they used to (similar to WordPress) have a very logical and complete stats setup.

To be frank, I also love publishing on Scribd because every time I do, within seconds I have the first bunch of views on my work.  Writers are verbal exhibitionists.  We love being “discovered”.  We love being centre of attention (just generally don’t ask us to make you a speech.  We’ll write you a letter instead).

Whenever I put something on Scribd (and they are very strict about not putting promotional lit on there – I’ve been burnt a couple of times there forgetting that rule), my web stats on P’kaboo go up.

If you click the links on the sidebar of this blog, they’ll mostly take you to pieces published on Scribd.  Why?  Convenience beyond blogging.



Recently I have had reason to change my Scribd avatar to “depressed fairy”.  I already contacted them a week back about this issue and have had no response.  Unlike Amazon and in fact most official book places which, if you contact them, get back to you in 24-48 hours.

I had over 20K views on my stuff there.  A lot of them on the excerpt from “Freedom Fighter”, “Pirate Politics”.

I have over 850 followers there.

When I looked last, Scribd had done a web-redesign and removed my stats and arbitrarily let me have 704 views (in total).  Now I have more followers than views.  As we say here in SA:  “Die logika ontbreek.” *

I accessed my stats page – you can’t see anything beyond the current month.

This is a glitch.  Can happen to the best.  But not responding to someone reporting it?

Please, Scribd.  Re-hire your previous team of designers.  I don’t think the current lot is up to the job.



*”Die logika ontbreek” – logic has gone missing.  But the complete impression of that phrase is closer to a square-wheel award, a Darwin award, “die perd van agter opsaal” (putting the saddle on the horse from behind), “die pot mis-sit” (sitting down on the potty but missing it), you get the idea.


Pretorium tremens

Yup there was a tremor in South Africa today.  One of the most stable parts of the world, no tidal waves, no blizzards, no hurricanes, no volcanic eruptions, no twisters, and hardly ever a (small) earthquake, that usually originates from mining activities.

Well this one apparently didn’t.  Its epicenter has been calculated to be 10 km down, near Orkney.  No mine goes that deep, in fact nothing man-made (unless “Virgil” from “The Core” is at work here).  Of course you immediately got the self-flaggelating greenies going “we only have ourselves to blame” – mighty powerful feeling that, isn’t it, to be able to believe that humankind can start an earthquake of 5.3 at 10km depth!   My, we are downright gods!

According to sources this tremor was felt all the way up to Botswana!

Hubbs was in the bathroom at the time.  I asked him whether he’d felt the shake (I had literally seen the walls move), and he immediately apologized, promising to lie lower on eating onions.

When I got to see my kids, my two older ones hadn’t felt the quake but were aware of it; my monkey said she’d felt it clearly and half of her class fell off their chairs!  (I would have loved to see that.)  Also, my oldest reported that in a friend’s class, they were doing Macbeth, and the teacher had just intoned “That darkness does the face of earth entomb,” when the tremor started.

I’m now really really going to watch (or read) Dune.

10 km down is still in the Earth’s crust, not mantle. What were they trying to mine there?

“Virgil” from the movie “Core” was obviously trying to surface near Orkney… wrong location, dudes, wayy off track!


One of these trying to surface (and bumping its nose on a massive granite slab)?

With the

Weekend coming up, there is a list of things I have to fit around events happening.

It’s Friday, so the Cubs will be needing my input again (in the interim while we’re looking for someone who is keen to take over the function of Akela).  I love working with the Cubs but don’t have the stamina or the time that is required for an Akela.  It’s a volunteer position that takes up about as much time in one’s life as P’kaboo does in mine.  It’s not just about the Friday nights.

Then, thank the STARS!, the chamber music ensemble is finally getting back together.  We’ve found a willing victim who plays cello.  That was the limiting factor.

Tomorrow there is both a business get-together, and a family get-together for Hubbs’ birthday.

And from the week, which was luckily very busy with violin lessons and less luckily, hampered by power cuts, I have a backlog of P’kaboo projects on my plate.

  • Finishing touches to “From My Cold Undead Hand”, by Marie Marshall
  • Reading a submission by a new author
  • Writing a synopsis for a book  (I dread synopses, mine keep turning into blurbs or reviews by accident)
  • Making progress on proof-and-flow-editing another, a big volume of wonderful classical children’s fantasy (“Darx Circle”, by Les Noble)
  • Figuring out formats and getting quotes for yet another (a beautiful children’s fairy tale by an extremely shy and reclusive author)
  • Where do all these terribly shy and reclusive authors pop out of ?  It makes the marketing fairy complex!

The Shooting Star’s crew has been clamouring for my attention, but…  sorry crew, hang in there… there simply wasn’t a minute.

My current diversion while waiting for students:  Practicing this (I don’t sound like that though – don’t look like that, either!)


Here’s for a completely different take:  :-D


On that high note, let’s get on with the weekend!