Hoist the Colours

Hoist the Colours

Somehow this song has been sticking in my mind for a while now.  It doesn’t help that my daughter keeps on singing it.


Hope this embed works.

Somehow, genre and all considered, this song catches the depressive atmosphere of many pirate shanties.  But it utterly fails to grab the effect of a group of men singing songs in two- or three-part harmony around a campfire, in tune.

I have had the privilege to experience this first-hand many times, in the youth group I used to attend when I was a youngster.

It is bone-shiveringly amazing.  It cannot be described in words.

May the human voice never stop singing!  (We don’t need yowling or whining or rapping or all the rest of the rubbish that gets passed off as ‘singing’ these days – genuine singing, with melody and harmony, thank you.  May that never die.)

Armed Robbery

Just updating my blogpals:

after a month of them trying to break in almost each and every night (and our patrols foiling them), there’s been an armed robbery now.  They picked a soft target – an 18-year-old boy who was home alone – and held him at knife-point, cut him too, kicked him around – this is terrorism.  They didn’t have to beat him up.  Swamp monsters!

Well, I don’t know further from here.  Now that they come armed, and we all are disarmed (this is Africa, honest citizens can’t get a license to carry a gun – not easily – and outlaws are protected by the law), the place is beginning to empty, leaving the rest of us even more vulnerable.

I don’t know what we’ll do next, I’m out of plans.  The body corp had a month to ramp up security and… nothing.  Well, nothing much.  A couple extra lights.

You might not see me for a while, my optimism is sort-of up.  I’m up at night but can’t blog.

Take care of yourselves until I’m back!


… gipsika …


“DA Devil”

In the first place, don’t get me wrong.  I don’t vote.  At all.  Political parties put me off (especially if they cost as much as the ANC 100-year-party).  Show me a politician and I show you how he’s broken the law.  Yuck.

But this is a prime piece of biased reporting:

“The Devil in the DA Deal”

In it, “WickedMike” goes to town about the R700 000 legal fees the DA wants to “socialize” into taxes.

Really, R700 000?  (Some lawyer made good money – but not as much as some.)

Let’s put this in perspective.  To make this visible and more understandible, let’s say one rand is a millimetre.

1) DA legal fees: R700 000
2) ANC 100-year party: 100 million
3) Nkandla palatial home-”village” for president and family: 246million
4) SANRAL e-tolling project: 20 billion. (and counting)

If one rand were a millimetre:

1) DA: 700m or the 10-min walk to your nearest shops.
2) ANC 100-yr party: 100km or from Joburg to Rustenburg
3) Nkandla:  246km or from Joburg to Pietersburg (Polokwane)
4) SANRAL: 20 million km or halfway to Venus.

Dear Mike.

You mind being taxed a ten-minute walk to the shops but are quite ok with having to travel halfway to Venus??

You’d rather go with a government that sends you to Rustenburg and Polokwane on a whim (for a party and luxuries of theirs), and deep into space for their profits?

Go figure, I really can’t understand some paid reporters.